The Best Real Estate Scripts that Get Appointments For Realtors

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Are you ready to know the secrets of getting many appointments as a realtor?

Have you ever wondered why some realtors are more successful than others? As a realtor, it is important to be skilled at convincing potential clients that you can be relied on to help them. It is important to know what to say at the right time.

The real estate industry is now very competitive as several new realtors emerge every day. In an era where people tend to trust online information more, you might not have found it easy to convince them to choose you as their realtor. 

So what can you do to get more appointments and be the best realtor you’ve dreamed of being?

We have got you covered with our tested and trusted scripts that have worked for successful realtors. We will reveal our best 5 real estate scripts that get appointments. Go through the article to find out and this might just be the spark your business needs.

Best Real Estate Scripts for Seller Leads:

1. Script for an FSBO Lead

FSBO Leads

Most realtors forget that almost every client wants straightforward sales. You need to convince them that you can make things easier for them. You can achieve that by learning to introduce yourself and carry on a discussion in a way that showcases your skill to avoid a stressful sale.

And if you are wondering what FSBO is all about. FSBO means For-Sale-by-Owner. To convince these FSBO clients, you will need to demonstrate to them that you are the agent they didn’t even realize they needed and that you are the fastest way to getting their house listed and sold.

This script will help you demonstrate that and just in case the response is negative, the script covers that too. Mr. George will be used as an example:

“Do you have a few minutes to talk? Hello, this is Mr. George from Soldouthouses real estate agency. 

I came by because I have a lot of local market information to share and have helped many homeowners like you sell their homes in this region.

Selling your house yourself can be time-consuming, we both know that.

Why not just let someone else go through the stress? Would you consider using an agent to sell your house to reduce your stress?

I would love to schedule a meeting to discuss your property, the potential marketing alternatives for it, and how I can help. Together, we can make sure you receive the best possible sale price.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries. 

I’ll be happy to offer my opinions, suggestions, and assistance, especially regarding the closing paperwork, which may sometimes be very confusing.

You can see how wise Mr. George is. He did not condemn his potential client for trying to sell his house himself. He only persuaded them to see reasons why he would be a better option. Dear reader, do not be quick to condemn!

2. Script for Seller Leads Who Do Not Want to Hire Realtors


You might have encountered some people who are bent on not using a realtor. You might be wondering how to convince them to use a realtor to do the job for them. Here is the secret!

Firstly, you must know that your goal is to understand the prospect’s lack of interest in using a real estate agent. This will help you to know exactly how to enlighten them. They might have had bad experiences in the past. You need to persuade them that cooperating with you would be advantageous for them and will increase their chances of selling their house easily and at a better price.

For instance, financial considerations are mostly why people sell their properties. So they always want to make the most money from the sale of their property. They often steer clear of real estate brokers because they may have had bad experiences in the past or believe that doing so would be expensive and will cost them extra money.

Now that you are aware of what they have in mind, your job as a real estate agent is to persuade them that you can help them save more money or obtain a better bargain.

This script will show you how you will do that using empathy:

“Hello, I just saw your listing on a real estate website, and I have a few inquiries about the house you are selling. Do you own the property?

I am Mr. George from soldouthouses real estate agency. I phoned you because I have a few clients seeking houses similar to the one you’re selling; please tell me what your asking price is.

That’s fantastic. Do you currently work with a real estate agent?

Okay. I wouldn’t want you to go through the same things you did in the past. Although I am not requesting you pay for my service, I want to provide you with some information to enable you to negotiate a better price if indeed it’s something you desire.

Alright. Let’s talk more over a cup of coffee. Do you find this date convenient?”

The wise realtor has done it again. Your potential client will likely become your trusted client because he realizes you are not after just the money but you want something better for him.

3. A script for expired listing seller leads


We all know that expired listings are a sign that things are not going well with the sale but when you want to talk about this with your lead, don’t jump to conclusions or be quick to criticize the owner or an earlier realtor for their approaches. 

At this point, clients typically feel sad since the previous transaction did not go through, and several agents are phoning the seller due to the expired listing. If you jump to a conclusion, It will make your chances of getting the appointments slim.

Understand exactly what went wrong with the listing, especially the client’s perspective. And when you know this, switching from an emotional to a business setting is super simple. Ask open-ended questions such as, “From your perspective, what attributes should the agent have to effectively represent you?” and “What steps were taken by the prior agent?” The answers will get you the information you need.

You should also try to provide free marketing advice as a way to establish trust between you and your lead. Too much to take in? Do not worry we have this script for you:

Hello …am I speaking with Mr. Mark?

Hello, I’m from soldouthouses real estate agency.

You probably have realized that your home appeared on our computer as an expired listing. 

When do you intend to conduct interviews with potential realtors to sell your home?

Where would you move to if you sold this house?

How soon must you move?

What do you believe prevented the sale of your house?

How did you choose the previous agent that you listed with?

What did that agent do that you thought was effective?

What do you think they ought to have done?

What will you expect from the next agent you select?

Have you decided on a realtor with whom to work already?

Now that I am acquainted with what you want, are you acquainted with the methods I employ to sell homes? If so, I’d like you to consider me to sell your house.

What time would be most suitable for us to meet to discuss how we can help?

The best script usually contains many questions and helps you as a realtor to do little talking and more of understanding your potential client. This is because the likelihood that the prospective seller will do business with you increases if they like you and your services. Also, the prospective seller will be willing to conduct business with you if you do less talking and more listening. They will feel in charge.

Best Real Estate Scripts for Buyer Leads:

4. Script for Warming Up Internet Leads

Real estate internet leads

Following up with online buyer leads differs from other forms of real estate script techniques because you often know more about the person you’re contacting.

For instance, you could know what listings caught their attention or how long they stayed on the website and you must know how to utilize this knowledge. Also, remember that sometimes the best timing to use the information is more important than the information itself. Just as we did in the earlier scripts, this one is more of a discussion between you and the Buyer lead:

Hello, Mr. Mark! I work for soldouthouses real estate agency and I am Mr. George. I hope you are doing great.

You appear to be planning to buy a house soon! I’d love to learn more about your requirements. Do you currently have like 3 minutes?

Have you read the report about your property?

In the upcoming six months, are you looking to purchase a property?

Where are you moving?

Are you and your family moving to this home?

What would you say about your perfect home? Mention things like the rooms, bathrooms, ranch, split-level, or condo.

How much are you prepared to spend?

Do you currently work with an agent?

Are you pre-qualified by a lender?

Can I send you an email with more properties that suit your criteria?

Is [insert Buyer lead email] still a reliable method of contact?

I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to speak with me. By [insert date/time], I’ll email you information about a couple of homes. Do you have any questions for me regarding house purchases?

Please let me know your opinions on these issues and the initial properties I provide you. What time would be ideal for reaching you tomorrow to have a detailed conversation on what you would love to have?

I am grateful for your time and I’m eager to speak with you soon. What time would be convenient for you?”

5. Scripts to Score Leads from Open Houses


Experienced real estate agents know that holding an open house rarely results in a straight sale. If that’s your only goal, you probably need to catch up on a lot of things going on in the Industry. 

One of the few actions that highly-productive realtors perform during open house hosting is finding potential buyers for other houses. Well it does not just happen, you will have to do some talking and this script is all you need for that:

I appreciate your presence, and I hope the tour was enjoyable! I’d be pleased to advise you of any developments about this property. I also spoke with a few other homeowners in the neighborhood today who are thinking about selling their property shortly. 

I’d love to keep in touch with you and let you know as soon as any new properties are available before they hit the market.

You know, in such a competitive market, getting updates early might be helpful.

This script makes your client know that there is a realtor he or she can lean on when he or she needs information about real estate. You might just have succeeded in winning them to your side.


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