How to Generate Leads in Real Estate – Best Realtor Lead Generation Tips

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The core of a successful realtor strategy is driving repeat and new business. But contrary to popular belief, lead generation real estate is simple and easy, as long you know what to do and how to do it. In fact, there are several ways how to generate lead in real estate. You can focus on sellers or buyers, cast a wider net to increase the number of potential leads, or use additional tactics and strategies to attract more high-quality prospects.

The best realtor lead generation methods take more than being intentional and creative when using the tools available at your disposal. You also need to deploy them in such a way that is tailor-made for your business. If you need some inspiration for generating more real estate leads, you are in the right place. Here is a list of combined modern and traditional approaches and practices that will keep those leads flowing in no time.

1. Buy Real Estate Leads from Third-Party Platforms

real estate leads

If you got the budget and you are willing to spend some money, buying leads is the simple and faster lead generation real estate strategy.

Third-party platforms do most of the legwork as they identify people in the market interested in selling or buying real estate. They will then send the contact information to realtors after the lead qualification process.

There are two primary methods to look for sources of leads for sale. The first one includes those that provide an extensive range of potential leads, while the second one targets specific demographics.

2. Harness the Power of SEO to Build Your Credibility

seo strategy for real estate

In the world of real estate, credibility is everything. You have to show all potential clients that are the number one agent in your area. You have a few options to do this.

First, you can develop a website and pay more attention to SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is the process that involves optimization of your online content to make search engines show it on top of search results for a specific keyword.

Every time someone types in keywords or key phrases like realtor, top real estate agents, real estate agent, best realtor, and the like, you want your site to appear on the first page of search results.

Just remember that is not an easy process and may even take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. However, it is important to look at things in the long term. Endless possibilities await you once you have established yourself online.

3. Develop a Professional Website to Attract Clients

You need a professional website if you want to compete and stand out from the rest. Your website must present all your existing listings, contact details, reviews, and testimonials from previous clients.

You can expect indirect and direct benefits when you develop a professional and unique website. When done properly, your website can also add to your perceived professionalism and credibility as a realtor. It can help boost your standing among current clients, peers, and prospects and build improved brand awareness at the same time.

Your website can also function as an effective platform for direct lead generation real estate. The most straightforward method is to add lead gen forms to your website. These lead gen forms are basically online forms where website visitors can leave their contact details.

You can structure these forms as a portal to contact you or in exchange for a piece of content or asset that you are offering. Either way, adding lead gen forms to your website can serve as a clear and direct source of inbound leads, or prospects that will opt-in to get in touch with you.

Make sure that these lead gen forms are added to site pages that receive the highest amount of traffic to boost their visibility and the chances that people will fill them out. The free tool Google Analytics can help you identify the website pages with the most traffic.

4. Look for Unique Solutions

unique solution

When high prices abound in the market, houses with enough room for multiple couples or extended families can be a great option for people whose budget might make homeownership a bit out of reach.

This type of home also tends to have lower demand, which means that once you find them and use the right methods to market them, you may get a large commission on these big properties.

Never hesitate to search for unique solutions that can help your clients who might be hesitant to make an upfront purchase of a traditional family home. Try meeting them where they are at the moment and increase your chances of getting more referrals from them in the future.

This is why reaching out to renters is a good place to get started. Most people consider it a waste of money to rent and would rather invest their money into something that can become their own in the long run.

5. Host a Public Event

hosting an event

Another common method how to generate leads in real estate is by hosting a public event, and you can do it cost-effectively and simply. You need to handle it separately from your open houses. Do it to previous clients and ask them to bring their family members and friends. After all, it is better if there are more people, right?

However, make sure you have plenty of business cards on hand and double up on your supplies. These public events should be done regularly so that your own network will come to expect an event regularly.

It is also an effective and fun way to shake up things now and then, which makes these social events one of the best realtor lead generation methods out there.

Client appreciation events such as an ice cream social where your clients can invite their families and friends can lead to referrals and repeat businesses. You can be sure that you stay on top of their mind every time you give back to your clients even in the smallest and simplest way.

6. Use a Smart CRM to Scale Lead Generation Efforts

lead management

Many people assume that getting started in real estate is the most difficult thing to do. What they don’t realize is that scaling your business is even more difficult. The problem that many realtors have at the start of their professional journey is that a day only has a few hours, and the leads at most brokerages require and expect a response 24/7 as soon as possible.

Since mere portals are not enough, your next best option is to set up a customer relationship management or CRM so you can communicate with your leads and nurture them.

7. Market to Investors

real estate home budget

Real estate companies won’t last long without repeat business. A lead generation real estate strategy that has been proven to be effective but only a few realtors bother to do is marketing to investors. Investors usually run into sellers who are looking for full retail value and because they often buy only those properties with discounts, they refer sellers to realtors they trust.

You can easily identify who is buying properties for cash in your area and then track down their contact details by searching for cash sales according to zip code in MLS or using reliable software.

You can also consider joining Facebook groups for investors and contact them from there. You can also try to search for house-buying ads on Craigslist. Call these people to know if there is something you can do to add more value to their business.

Many investors find it difficult to look for a good realtor so if you are willing enough to learn and speak their language and do a great job, you will be set for a long time. This kind of relationship can come in handy for your profession down the road.

8. Start a Podcast or Blog to Maximize Content Creation


Another excellent way to target potential clients is to create content although it is a more resource-intensive and time-consuming approach for indirect and direct lead generation real estate. Use your community and market expertise to serve valuable information to potential clients who are selling or buying. Post TikTok videos or write articles that discuss real estate happenings in your area.

Content should always be a part of your lead generation strategy. But there might be differences in terms of the content you use as well as how you use it.

Real estate blogs such as a YouTube channel are a great way to attract more traffic to your site. An SEO-optimized original content that is targeted to rank for a specific keyword will help you get a higher Google rank, generate more leads to your site, and set yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Podcasts can also attract more leads while establishing your industry reputation at the same time. You can easily convert your videos on YouTube into podcasts and broadcast them using special programs to save more time. These podcasts can also help plug your site and other social media profiles that people can clock every time they need the help of a realtor.

9. Offer Additional Services

Real Estate Online

One creative idea for lead generation real estate is to offer home evaluations for free to potential clients. It is an excellent way of capturing the attention of people who might be planning to sell their homes soon. You can aid buyers by giving them a list of properties that meet their requirements.

You can also consider hosting information workshops on several helpful topics. These workshops are some of the best realtor lead generation tools while letting you establish yourself as an authority in the field.

Just make sure your answers are always ready so that you will come off as experienced and prepared. Have some business cards and small gifts handy that you can hand out to the workshop attendees. An online workshop is also a good alternative that you can advertise on social media to entice prospects to tune in.

10. YouTube for Real Estate

YouTube Real Estate

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms just next to Facebook, getting more than 210 million viewers this 2022. The platform requires a higher level of expertise and professionalism but offers the advantage of being free to use so you can reach thousands of people quickly.

Successful realtors upload YouTube videos frequently, and these include:

  • Drone footage of the property
  • Regular updates such as a market trend analysis every month
  • Short videos with tips for buyers and sellers
  • Video walkthroughs

11. Connect with Professionals Related to the Real Estate Niche

real estate professionals

Some industry experts often learn about the intent of a homeowner to sell their property even before any brokerage, agency or search engine. For example, the homeowner might have plans to upgrade or renovate their house first before they put it up for sale to get a higher valuation or be more competitive.

The construction organizations, renovators, and contractors that do this kind of job are the best people to drive leads to you. They can pass your information directly to the homeowner or they can tip you off about a project they worked on that will probably hit the market soon.

12. Leverage Reviews

Realtor Yelp Zillow

Online reviews play a key role in strategies for lead generation real estate. Most real estate sites allow clients to review their realtors, such as, Yelp, and Zillow. The least you can do is keep a close eye on your profiles on these platforms to know what details prospects might be looking at.

You can also actively manage your profiles if you want to take things a step further. You can try reaching out to satisfied reviewers for quotes or referrals, address any concerns from dissatisfied reviewers, or partner with the site so you can use the review content. You will appear more professional to potential clients when they see you more active on your profiles.

13. Be Relevant on Community Pages


Your website needs community pages as these are considered crucial content. Community pages give sellers and buyers updated insights about the area’s cost of living, population, attractions, schools, and other pertinent information.

These pages also allow you to answer frequently asked questions that sellers or buyers may have about the area. The authority of your website will benefit a lot in the mind of potential clients and boost its Google ranking if you answer these questions in a structured and clear way.

Adding these pages on your site and optimizing these for Google is one of the best methods to generate new business and have leads coming your way. When done properly, your goal is to appear on the first page every time someone looks for a realtor or real estate agent in your city or state. Potential clients doing this kind of search are those planning to hire a realtor immediately.

One of the secrets to succeeding in your field is to come up with an exceptional community page and work to make it visible through SEO. People will then consider you a community expert as a result.

14. Start Conversations Anywhere You Go


Lead generation can either be the hardest or the easiest part of your job. It mainly depends on how reputable you are in your field. To find new leads, try to imagine yourself in your client’s shoes.

For instance, if you are selling a property in a particular neighborhood, spend time at the most famous spots in the area, hoping to start some good conversations. Observe the people fixing their home’s exterior. Do they spruce up their lawn? Are they applying a fresh coat of paint on the shudders?

If you see some people outside, try to strike up a nice conversation about what they are doing or recommend someone or a service provider in the area who might be able to help them out. Leave your business card with them so you stay on top of their mind if they have plans to sell or buy.

Always look at your surroundings as a steppingstone and an opportunity for you. You never know when someone might look for a realtor.

15. Take Advantage of FSBOs

Home for sale

For Sale By Owners or FSBO listings refer to those properties that are run and managed by the homeowners themselves instead of a realtor. Homeowners might decide to sell their property on their own due to bad experiences in the past. Others may also think that they have the know-how and time to sell it.

Just like most realtors, you might think that FSBOs are hostile territory, something you should approach with great caution. But there is still a chance for you to turn FSBOs into clients.

The secret here is to watch out for warning signs that their strategy no longer works for the homeowner. It might be the case if the listing has been available for an extended time or even expires eventually. It is also possible if there are frequent and substantial drops in the price.

These obvious signs of distress imply that the homeowner might be more willing to work with a realtor than they used to at first. This is the perfect time for you to step in and recommend a partnership.

16. Exploit Local Networking

Real estate local networking

Participate in the local community. Meet with the area’s local business owners, repairers, and contractors. Join in all the famous events in the area and consider putting up a booth if you think this will help you with networking. Your goal here is to establish a referral network of people who may help you in lead generation real estate. Learn what the locals like and have it handy or discuss it during your open houses.

17. Target Empty Houses

Empty House

Another great method to generate more seller leads is to target absentee owners in the local market. Some investment property owners might be planning to sell while there is a high demand and low inventory. Seize these moments when they happen.

You can consider sending postcards, letters, or a market report to the owners of your target properties. It would be better if you send more. When your prospects are more enticed, the higher the chance to convert them into clients in the near future.

You can also use predictive analytic tools to identify the inclination of the owner to sell according to key factors such as time of ownership and equity.

18. Get Things Going with Facebook Ads

FB Ads for Real Estate

Facebook continues to have the most extensive user base and prospect audience for advertisers of available platforms. The social networking site provides advertising tools made specifically for realtors.

For one, Facebook offers Real Estate Ads that use targeting to offer potential clients realty-tailored ad content. The platform identifies these people by downloading a pixel on the website of the realtor and tracking the site visitors onto Facebook. It is a retargeting method that lets you focus your ad spend on potentials that already implied being in the market.

Top realtors often suggest joining Facebook groups with high volumes that you are genuinely interested in and set aside some time daily to have some interactions with them. You must immerse yourself in the local community with a genuine intention to give back.

It is important to highlight insurance brokers, restaurant owners, business owners, and other businesses that you feel offer value. You would be surprised at the number of leads you will get when you give back to the businesses in your community without expecting to get anything in return.

19. Exude Professionalism on LinkedIn

linkedin real estate lead generation

It is unfortunate that even if it is already 2022, a lot of people still fail to realize the potential of LinkedIn specifically made for professional interaction. Realtors are more concerned with coming up with catchy content for Instagram and Facebook where they have to roll out a heavy flow of content rather than forging helpful connections on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Whether you believe it or not, your techniques in building relationships will gain better traction if you combine them with LinkedIn’s unique algorithm that addresses the needs of prospective clients by closing the gap between interested eyes and the content of your business.

20. Get a Jab at TikTok

tiktok for real estate

With TikTok quickly establishing itself as one of the widely used and most popular social media platforms, use this trend to your advantage for lead generation real estate. With more than 50 million active users every day in the United States alone, TikTok can give you the exposure you won’t be able to get from other outlets. There is no truth to the assumption that it is only meant for teens who got a lot of free time to spare.

The truth is that there are all kinds of people who are always active on this platform. Even if they might only be casually browsing to watch fun videos, most of them might actually be planning to sell their house or buy a new one now or in the near future.

If you wish to stay ahead of the latest marketing trends and technology, promoting your service on TikTok is a must. What makes this platform great is that you are not required to have professional videos such as those on YouTube or Instagram. You can simply use your phone to shoot a 30-second video even while you are doing a home viewing or sitting in your office.

Upload your video and before you know it, it will be raking in thousands of views. As a result, you will also see an exponential boost in the number of your generated real estate leads every month.

21. Choose the Traditional Route with Direct Mail

direct mail

Sometimes, traditional stuff continues to work. Mail postcards or brochures to tenants and homeowners in your area. Although most people may assume this tactic as a bit outdated, direct mail continues to be a valuable method that helps you engage with prospects, specifically for those who are new to the area.

Direct mail has remained a resilient lead generation real estate strategy, unlike other industries. It is also easier to look for addresses so you can focus your mailing activities depending on your zip code or geography.

Doing so allows you to cast a wider net across the area during generic awareness or outreach campaigns. Direct mail is also an excellent tool to use for more rural places. It also lets you target those prospects that you already interacted with in the past. It is especially true if it was a personal rather than a virtual interaction, like attending an open house.

In cases like this, you can give out thank you cards to follow up on your initial interaction. These notes of gratitude also let you personalize your message for every prospect.

22. Turn to PPC Ad Campaigns

real estate marketing

Most people begin their journey with a quick search on Google when thinking of buying or selling a house. The major search engine allows realtors to take advantage of this behavior to show their ads to these potential sellers or buyers.

PPC campaigns can help drive people looking for home listings not only on Google but also on other search engines straight to your IDX website with personal branding.

You can also use specifically placed ads on these search engines so you can push traffic to a search-enabled landing page for expected buyers or a home valuation page for potential buyers.

Visitors should input their details on these pages, which will then be passed on directly to you. Aside from not selling the same lead twice, they also offer a more substantial number of tips for the price compared to other sites. It means a guaranteed number of leads monthly flowing in for your business.

23. Use Community Referrals


The very same community where you live and work is also the best realtor lead generation source. You can become a reliable source of real estate information if you develop your reputation and brand in your community. But unlike other methods, the strategy might not show results fast. After all, community trust doesn’t come by default. Most of the time, it requires a prior investment in the development of community relationships before it actually pays off. You have to be wary of this timing factor when trying to determine how well this will work for you.

You can try several creative and traditional methods to generate organic referrals and expand your community network. If your goal is to establish credibility, monitor clients who have been very grateful following the selling or buying process, clients who are popular in the community, and those who are popular and successful at the same time.

To maximize your client referrals, all you have to do is serve your clients to the best of your ability. Keeping in touch with your follow-up communications, helping clients save money and personal interactions can all go a long way to make a lasting good impression. Personal validation and word of mouth are also effective tools that work with no need for you to do anything, making it the easiest form of lead generation real estate.

The most flourishing businesses are mainly built on repeat business or clients. This is why you have to pay more attention to your current database. The main goal here is to remain visible without coming off as obnoxious.

Farm your databases for past clients. Purposely search for memorable and surprising ways to reach them. Work with as many families as you can. Clients love personal touches and will even post them on social media, making other people think why their current realtor doesn’t do what you do. Your simple efforts will lead to a business primarily built on referrals alone.

24. Take Your Clients on Exclusive Video Tours

real estate video

While pictures speak a thousand words, videos tell an entire story. You can attract more interest if your listings include video walkthroughs. These video walk-throughs allow buyers to imagine themselves as the owner and resident of the property.

You can also save more time with the help of videos from dealing with those who just want to look even if their questions were already answered. Drones can also be used for these videos filmed by a skilled pilot. You can walk around, run, or even fly through the property together with the prospects so you can convince them that you are the best realtor who can help them.

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