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Hi, my name is Nick Tsai; I’m the founder of SoldOutHouses.com.

I have years of experience in the real estate industry and digital marketing.

I founded SoldOuHouses.com to help real estate professionals generate more leads and gain more freedom in their life.

Here is how you can start:

Looking for marketing tools or swags to help you generate more leads online & offline?

Looking for a marketing expert to help you generate more leads online?


The New Real Estate Agent Handbook

The New Real Estate Agent Handbook” is the essential guide for agents eager to navigate the complex waters of the real estate industry successfully. Whether you’re just getting your license or looking to refresh your approach, this handbook offers a treasure trove of practical advice, innovative strategies, and insightful tips to help you stand out, sell more, and build a rewarding career.

The Digital Real Estate Marketing Playbook

conquer the digital landscape, elevate their online presence, and skyrocket their success. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to update your digital marketing skills or a newcomer eager to make your mark, this playbook provides the strategies, tools, and insights you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

100+ Common Real Estate Objections & Handing Scripts

“100+ Common Real Estate Objections & Handling Scripts” is the definitive guide for agents and brokers determined to turn objections into opportunities. This invaluable resource is packed with practical strategies, proven techniques, and, most importantly, powerful scripts designed to help you confidently address and overcome any objection thrown your way.

100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Unlock the full potential of your real estate career with “100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas.” This concise yet comprehensive guide is packed with creative and actionable marketing strategies tailored for the modern real estate professional. Whether you’re looking to break into the market, expand your presence, or dominate your niche, this book provides a wealth of inspiration to help you elevate your marketing game.

365 Social Media Post Ideas For Realtors

Elevate your social media game with “365 Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors,” the ultimate source of daily inspiration for real estate professionals seeking to make an impact online. Say goodbye to content block and hello to a year-round, engaging online presence that captivates, educates, and entertains your audience.

This handy guide is filled with a diverse array of post ideas tailored specifically for realtors, ensuring your social media channels are always fresh, relevant, and engaging.

High-Performing Email Campigns For Realtors

Unlock the secrets to email marketing success with “High-Performing Email Campaigns for Realtors,” a comprehensive guide designed to supercharge your email strategy. This book dives deep into the art and science of creating, launching, and optimizing email campaigns that not only reach your audience but resonate and drive action.


100 High Performing Social Media Ad Copies For Real Estate Agent

“100 High-Performing Social Media Ad Copies for Real Estate Agents” is the ultimate playbook for real estate professionals eager to cut through the digital noise and captivate potential clients on social media. This essential guide is packed with expertly crafted ad copy templates designed to grab attention, spark interest, and encourage clicks and conversions.

10X Leadgen Masterclass

Discover how you can generate more leads and sales using the power of digital marketing


Helps you generate more lead online & offline

Sold Out Houses Pro Membership

Get everything you need to success with digital marketing with less than $1.5 per day

Our Digital Marketing Services

We help our clients generate more leads with the power of digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a real estate website? Great! We can help you generate more leads by ranking your site on top of Google! contact us to see what we can offer

FB & Google Ads Opination

Want to generate more leads quickly? Google ads & Facebook ads are your best friends, and our media buying team can help your set up your ads and optimize it regularly.


We handle your social accounts and make announcements, prepare giveaways, festivals, holiday posts, and more so all you have to do is enjoy watching your business grow day by day.


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The best gift for any real estate professions


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