Top 8 Real Estate Listing Leads Resources

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Every listing realtor’s objective in the real estate business is to get as many listings as possible. There is only one method to accomplish this goal, and that is through lead creation. Owing to the amount of realtors sourcing for clients in the market, there’s a need to be on top of your game. 

Have you been wondering what strategy would get you leads every single day? You’re in the right place. Try these top 8 real estate listing leads resources.

8 Best Real Estate Listing Leads Resources

Home for sale

1. Market to FSBOs

FSBO, in other words, For Sale By Owner homes are homes where the owners have decided to sell their houses themselves as opposed to listing with an agent. They are most sought in real estate since they have previously expressed an interest in selling their house.

For many of them, selling by themselves may be quite frustrating since they lack the requisite expertise in staging, pricing their homes, closing deals with potential buyers, and dealing with all the contingencies arising from the contract’s documentation.

On average, For Sale by Owner homes are sold for twenty-six percent less than houses where agents are involved, which defeats their primary purpose of not wanting an agent to save cost.

This information is probably not known to them, and as a seller, it’s your job to inform them.

Most of them put up signages on the properties they want to sell, so by driving around your neighborhood, you might find a few of the FSBO homes. 

You can also look them up on Craigslist since many offer their homes there. If you have a small budget, RedX, Landvoice, and Offers contain contact information and property data for a large number of FSBO leads.

With their contact information available, you should start cold-calling them. When interacting with those owners, you should sell yourself to them by promoting principles that address reasons why they’d rather sell their property themselves. 

You can tell them that you could sell their homes for them, get your commission and still hand them more money than they could have had if they sold it themselves because of your expertise in pricing.

You can also offer them low commission rates to entice them to list with you. Don’t forget to keep touching base with them time and again.


2. Social Media Marketing

With over 4 billion people using different social media platforms, a realtor should be aware of the visibility social media can provide for your business. Having a solid online presence requires giving your business an aura your potential clients cannot resist.

When property owners are looking for agents to list with, they opt for reliable and knowledgeable agents who are well grounded in the real estate business. 

To fit into this demographic, you should actively push your business on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram personal and business pages by engaging your audience with captivating content.

There should be room for questions and answers, plus discussions concerning the real estate market. With this, you can get responses from them on their challenges and, in turn, offer them solutions. This would be the perfect way to connect with your audience on a deeper level and gain their trust.

Sharing the testimonials of previous clients would prove to your audience that your brand can be trusted.

Some social media influencers are already favorites of your target audience, and by getting them to talk about and endorse your company on their channels will make you their favorite as well.

When you start receiving recognition, make sure to stay consistent. You have to keep posting something now and then to assure potential clients that you mean business and can be trusted to handle the sale of their properties. If you want more tools & templates to get more listing leads, check the description below or go to SoldoutHouses.Com.


3. Expired listings

Expired listings are properties that were unable to sell before their expiration dates. They provide an opportunity to identify a genuine vendor who is willing and ready to sell.

To get expired listings, you must be the first agent to contact the homeowner after their listing has expired. Retrieve expired listing lists from the MLS. Be aware that these sellers are likely dissatisfied with their existing agent, frustrated that their home hasn’t sold, and are probably stressed.

Sign up for real estate prospecting services like RedX and Landvoice to get lists of expired listings. These services look for expired properties through the MLS system and offer real contact details. Although these services are not free, they will save you time and effort over manually looking for them.

Regardless of how you obtain your expired listings, start the conversation by letting them know you sympathize with their difficulties and mention a few things you would have done differently to sell their house quickly.

It’s increasingly possible that another agent may contact them first the longer you wait. A great strategy to take advantage of sellers in trouble is to get in touch with homeowners who are trying to sell their properties or have tried and failed to do so. 

divorce leads

4. Divorce leads

Don’t pass judgment just yet. Competition for low-hanging fruit leads is usually fierce in almost any farm region.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you want leads who are genuinely interested in selling? 
  • What about leads who have a court order compelling them to sell their home? What about motivating leads?

If you want to generate and close more leads, you must learn to think outside the box. But we’ve already done that for you! Working divorce leads may be the ideal lead generation approach if you have plenty of patience and empathy.

Divorce leads have the potential to be as productive as they are unpleasant to consider. However, they are mostly forced to sell (via a court order). Divorced leads necessitate tact and compassion. As you may expect, these clients aren’t delighted with their current situation. But if you can locate and appeal to them, you’ll have a steady stream of highly motivated clients.

You can even obtain the RCS-D (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce) credential to demonstrate to prospective divorce customers that you know your stuff and mean business. 


5. Invest in Sphere Influence

One of the best ways to get seller leads is by having good connections with people both offline and onlineYour sphere of influence includes family, friends, colleagues, and past clients. 

About 42% of people who sold their houses through real estate agents got to know about those agents through referrals.

By building the right connections with your sphere of influence, you would be on their lips once anyone comes to them for recommendations. You can host events and invite those within your sphere of influence to generate referral listing leads. This would further enhance your relationship with them.

Always show up at community events, actively participate and share your business cards with the other attendees. By doing this, you’ll be announcing your presence in that locality.

Your previous clients should be followed up using client relationship management software. This software makes it very easy for you to store the contact information of all your previous clients, and you will use that to call, send texts and keep in touch with them.

Using this strategy, anytime they have a family, friend, or colleague searching for a listing agent, you’ll be the first they’ll remember because you’ve always been present.

absentee owners real estate

6. Invite Absentee Owners

An absentee owner is a person, group, or entity that has a certain property but does not reside within the locality of the said property. While not every absentee owner will like to sell their property, there’s a high likelihood that most individuals would. This is because it can be challenging to maintain an additional property.

Absentee owners are nice targets for real estate agents who are wondering which type of leads have the best conversion rate into listings since there are millions of absentee owner houses in the market.

Finding absentee owners is just as simple as reviewing tax records and knowing whose residential address does not match the prospective property. With property radar, you can find the social media handles of these owners.

Another easy way is by buying an absentee owner list from Listsource, Zillow, or Boldleads. After getting your list, the next thing to do is to start your mailing campaign. Inside these emails should be details that portray you as an expert in the business of selling houses. 

Your previous success stories and the current market stats and trends should form part of the content you’ll be sending out to them. You can also get them to visit your website using postcards. This website should be loaded with valuable information which will make them continually visit and anticipate future updates and information from you.

A deal closed on this lead will net you a lot of money, which is why many people are jumping on it.

Pre-Foreclosure House

7. Contact Pre-foreclosed Owner

Pre-foreclosure is a time usually within three to six months that starts when a borrower is in default of a mortgage payment. In August, 34,501 properties had foreclosure filings, with 3,900 completed the same month. This shows that a whole lot is going on in the real estate industry as it pertains to foreclosures. Most debtors who can’t afford to pay are often in a hurry to sell off their properties to avoid foreclosing.

As non-professionals, they are often distressed and frustrated about how to go about selling their homes, and that’s where you come in. 

As a realtor, you should look out for this group of people because they are more likely to welcome your offer to sell their property.

To find the details of pre-foreclosed homes, you should visit the office of your city’s county recorder or their official website online. The details include the address of the property and the name of the owner. 

With this information, you can physically reach out to the owner, obtain their email and phone numbers, explain how you can help sell their property if they decide to and follow up with emails and phone calls.

Also, the local newspapers always publish the information of those people whose homes are pre-foreclosed in their legal section, so you should buy a few newspapers, get the needed details and start calling them. With the right words and approach, you’d be getting a lot of listings from these leads.

Social Media Ads

8. Social media ads

A paid social media ad is a technique for presenting commercials or sponsored marketing messages on well-known social media platforms while aiming to reach a certain niche market. You should run specifically targeted lead ads on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to reach your desired market.

Facebook lead ads contain forms that enable advertisers to gather client information while providing interaction options, including newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, or contest registration.

Your content should be appealing, concise, and informative to encourage more people to sign these forms. Incentives such as giveaways, discounted products, or shopping vouchers would also encourage more people to sign the forms.

Twitter advertising can significantly increase traffic to your website. Like other forms of advertising, it necessitates knowledge of your target market’s demographics and habits.

Statistics suggest that consumers spend 26% more time watching ads on Twitter than on other platforms and that it has higher engagements than other social media platforms.

Twitter ads can even offer you more than Facebook and Instagram ads with their interesting marketing concepts. By sending customized messages to people based on the topics they connect and engage with on Twitter, Twitter interest targeting enables you to participate in the many vibrant communities on the platform.

It assists you in connecting with an audience that is open and eager to discuss the subjects most important to your products or services.


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