100 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors to Generate More Leads Online

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Does it feel like something is lacking with your current social media marketing strategy? Do you have a social media strategy in place, but it feels as if it doesn’t generate the kind of results you are expecting? Social media is one of the best ways to get in touch with both your present and past clients. It is also a great way for you to get your name out there and help new clients find and discover you easily.

Sadly, many realtors seem to be committing the same grave mistakes on an endless cycle. Some hope for the best to happen after they just post their listings. Others upload tons of ads without bothering to offer anything valuable first. Several realtors just choose to engage with their fellow realtors instead of their clients and prospects.

If you wish to bring your A-game to your business, the following 100 ideas for real estate social media posts will help you generate more leads online without trying too hard.

Table of Contents

1. A More Personal Post

People always love it when they see some posts that give them a glimpse of your personal life now and then. if you have reached a significant milestone or a big achievement, don’t hesitate to share it. Share some nice photos if you are going on a vacation.

Did you sell your first 50 properties? Are you celebrating your 10th anniversary as a realtor? All these milestones are worth sharing for the whole world to see.

2. Appreciation Event for Your Clients

If you are planning to throw a non-exclusive appreciation event for your clients, don’t waste the chance to showcase it on all your social media platforms. Don’t forget to share fun photos after the event is over.

3. Business or Partnership Spotlight

Have you joined forces with a local business? Is there a local business you want to highlight? Create a real estate social media post and snap some photos with everyone involved. You can also try doing something a little bit less formal.

As a realtor striving to become the number one go-to local expert, one of the most effective ways to boost your perception as a trusted professional is to reach out to owners of local professionals and have them featured in one of your real estate social media posts.

You can try adding a short blurb about their offered services, their service hours and address, and maybe a quick interview with the owner. It is even better if some of the local businesses provide products or services related to home improvement.

4. Buying Anniversary of a Past Client

Commemorating the buying anniversary of the home of a past client is an amazing way to make them feel how much you value them. They will love to remember that day and at the same time if gets you the chance to put your name right before their circle.

5. Closing a New Deal

Closing a deal is a happy milestone not only for your clients but also for you. After all, both of you worked hard on closing on the property. To make this realtor social media post more unforgettable, you can include some details about the new house, the transaction, or the clients themselves, as long as they agree to it.

6. Events at Your Local Community

Part of being a realtor is being updated with the events happening in your local community. You can reinforce your personal as a local expert and professional by sharing information and details about these events.

7. Fun Holiday

Every year, there is always one fun holiday that always makes you smile. Sharing something lighthearted on your real estate social media post, with a carefully chosen joke, is a great way to encourage engagement.

8. Contests

Sponsoring giveaways or contests is just the kind of realtor social media post that is guaranteed to get lots of attention. After all, who can say no free stuff, right? There are lots of different types of contests that you can run so you can engage your followers or subscribers.

From those who can pull off the most eye-catching DIY home renovations, who grows the most colorful flower garden, or who has the cutest family pet, these contests all spur engagement.

As for the prizes, it can be something as small and simple as gift cards, a cash prize, or other stuff relevant to your contest. Your imagination is the limit here.

9. Giving Back to the Community

If you are like most realtors, you probably take time to help out and give back to your community. You can share about the organizations and causes you care about to show potential leads your commitment to make the place better.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate5

10. Helpful Tidbits of Information or News

Establish yourself as the number one go-to resource for your clients looking for helpful information and news. It can be some selling or buying details or information about the local area. You can also highlight a few good news in your local area. Share the newest feel-good story relevant to the local real estate market.

11. Highest Value Listings

Is there anyone who hasn’t even imagined what it feels like to live in a sprawling mansion? Grabe this chance to feature your area’s most expensive listings. People always love to look at listings with the highest price tags, even when they know it is out of their budget. However, linking from your site to this listing is a great way to attract more people to your website and encourage them to browse through your listings. Encourage your followers to imagine what and how it would feel like to actually live in that property.

12. Information on the Local Housing Market

Always remember that you are a realtor, which means you should be showing people how well-versed you are in the industry and the local market trends. Posting housing market information on your social media helps you build credibility and expertise.

13. Just Sold

It is probably one of the most common real estate social media posts that some people just ignore. However, they can actually work wonders if you pair it with the closing’s story, particularly if it helped your client fulfill a dream or it was a hard property to sell.

14. New Addition to Your Team

Did your team welcome a new member recently? A real estate social media post can also let your followers get to know more about the member. Introduce the new member of your team and share some of the qualities and traits they bring with them.

15. New Property Listings

Share some key exciting details about your up-and-coming listing that will soon hit the market. Add a touch of personality to it by sharing your personal perspective about the property.

One of the most common mistakes that many realtors tend to make on social media is how they love using it as just another place for dumping their listings. It is not a good idea since social media’s real value lies in facilitating your social interactions. It allows you to talk directly to people, establish relationships, and make your personal brand more trustworthy.

However, it doesn’t mean you can just share some listings every time you please. Listings should never be over 10% to 15% of all your real estate social media posts and prioritize those listings that are notably good deals.

Open House

16. Open Houses

Are you hosting an open house for your new listing? Make a quick realtor social media post that your followers can share easily to boost the number of attendees. Highlight all perks such as your co-host and the spread you have prepared.

17. Put the Spotlight on Employees

Is there an employee in your team who always goes out of his/her way to help or assist clients? A realtor social media post that puts the spotlight on your employees will make people get to know more about your team and see how much you appreciate them. Talk about the milestones and successes that a member of your team has just achieved recently.

18. Selling or Buying Goals

Remind your social media followers that you are the person they can count on to meet their goals, whether it is for buying or selling. It is also the best chance to remind people that you can also help their referrals.

19. Special Occasions

Is someone in your office celebrating his or her birthday? Use this chance to remind them how great they are as a team member and a person. Documenting such milestones on your realtor social media post is something that followers always love.

20. Testimonials from Clients

While a real estate social media post where you brag about yourself is a no-no, you can always let your clients do it on your behalf instead. Let them share with others how you helped them throughout the deal, and let this testimonial strengthen your brand and build trust among prospective clients.

While you are at it, highlight glowing testimonials from clients to increase your social proof. These client testimonials are proof of your skills as a real estate professional, making it easier for your followers to trust you even more.

21. Quote

You might have noticed how people love sharing quotes on social media, specifically Facebook. You see these on everyone’s news feeds. So why not try creating one that uses your branding that others can share? Just make sure you don’t go overboard with sharing quotes, or you risk losing their impact.

22. What Sets Your Team Apart from the Rest

If you and your whole team achieved a remarkable feat, let others know why your team is distinct from the rest. Show the world what makes you different in the first place. However, avoid coming off too braggy and let the team’s hard work shine through instead.

23. New Recruitment

If you are looking for a new realtor to be part of your team, don’t hesitate to tell potential candidates why they should even be excited about the thought of being part of your team.

24. Say Thank You

Realtors are usually the recipient of kindness and assistance from other community members and businesses. Every time you receive a gift or any help, a simple thank you can go a long way as a realtor social media post.

25. Blog Post

Cross-promotion of your other marketing efforts is always imperative. It is also a must to direct people to your site anytime you can. See to it that you install Google Analytics on your site’s blog to make it easier for you to track visitors as well as their behavior.

After you have finished writing your newest masterpiece of a blog, don’t hesitate to share this on your social media profile. Take note that sharing your entire article is not required here.

It is actually better if you don’t do so. You can simply use a short synopsis of your blog, pair it with a relevant image and share the link to the full article that your viewers can click on.

Real Estate Agent with Puppy

26. Animals

Animal photos always get the highest number of social media shares, and this is for a good reason. You can try sharing adorable photos of your pets or someone else’s like your neighbor or even your client. You can also make your post related to real estate if possible. But if not, it is perfectly fine, too.

27. Answer Buyer and Seller FAQs

Show off to everyone your expertise in the real estate field by inviting your subscribers or followers to pose their own questions related to the field and make sure you answer them right away.

28. Request for Feedback on the Staging of One of Your Listings

Share your recently staged property and ask people for honest feedback. It will allow you to gain valuable feedback and then showcase your skills in staging. At the same time, you can also let your subscribers know how you really care about your staging and its overall quality.

29. Raise Questions

Are you curious to know how your followers feel about the newest development in your area? Why not ask them, then? Doing so can result in an interesting discussion as well as other exciting opportunities to be perceived as the leading go-to expert in your locality.

30. Company Events or News

See to it that people know it when you are attending a company. This kind of post can establish your expertise and prestige. If possible, you can include other team members and tag them using your personal account.

It is also the time for you to share a bit about why you love to work for your company. You can also try sharing other interesting developments taking place in your company, such as new charity drives, new training programs, a new picnic, and others.

31. Quiz or Poll

Quizzes and polls are very popular across social media platforms. You won’t even be hard-pressed to find quizzes for just about everything and anything under the sun.

These polls and quizzes drive high levels of engagement and offer people lots of excuses to procrastinate whatever they are doing. It makes it a good idea to also create your own poll or quiz. It can be a simple fun activity for your followers or a chance for them to grow your current contact database by offering poll results or quiz answers in exchange for their full names and email address.

Depending on the specific poll or quiz you make, you can even gain a deeper insight into what really drives your audience as well as how you can better serve them in the future.

32. Fun Fact

A fun fact is always a great way of breaking up all those real estate talks, and they work almost every time. People love reading and even sharing fun facts.

33. Local Market Listing

Sharing a listing of your competitor that you love is a great chance to help one of your current clients. People always like seeing hot listings, and for all you know, one of them might be interested. Link these to your site listings and share listings from various brokerages and agents.

34. Local Throwback Thursday

It is always amusing to see old photos of your local area. Most of these pictures are also part of archival projects, making them easier to find so you can use them with no need to worry about copyright. You can provide some context for the photos if possible or give an approximate or exact year. It is also fun seeing side-by-side comparisons of the changes that the area has been through.


35. Memes

Facebook is now filled with memes and the good news is that there are also fun ones related to real estate that you can share with everyone in your circle. Memes are a great way to remind others about what you do in a non-pushy, approachable, and humane way. When it comes to memes, all you have to do is have fun!

36. Schedule Regular Giveaways

Rather than just hosting a single event once, you can try to schedule a bi-monthly or even a monthly giveaway. It can be something simple as branded shirts, gift cards, event tickets, and others. You can also partner up with a local business to make it possible and advertise to your respective circles of influence alike at the same time.

37. Gifs

Just like memes, everyone also loves to share gifs on social media. Why not share with your subscribers some funny gifs related to your local area or those that are like inside jokes?

38. Post Photos of Neighborhood Highlights, Features, and Amenities

Every time someone buys a new house, they are also buying the new neighborhood in one way or another. Why not highlight several of the most notable features that the neighborhood of one of your listings has to offer? Does your area have a new public garden, athletic field, or dog park? Share it, too!

39. Real-Life Work

There is always something fascinating about seeing how people work and go about their real life. And since a realtor like you often works crazy hours and from different places, why not show people what you are doing in your real estate social media post?

You can snap a photo of your workspace, whether it is your home, office, park, or coffee shop. Tell people about the cool places you visit and cool things you see as a realtor.

40. Retweet Local News

Grab the retweet local news, specifically those that are related to real estate, and the effect of the news on the local community. Local news can be easily found on Google News, or you can also visit a local TV news website or newspaper.

The local news stories can also inspire the blog posts that you can also share on your social media platforms later.

41. Life Milestones of a Client

Did one of your clients tie the knot recently? Is the client expecting a new baby soon? Did the client sell their old house and buy a new one? Share all these stories on your social media platform. Of course, do so only after you ask permission from them.

42. Personally Created Videos

If you are into content marketing, why not share your recently created video? This video can be a first walkthrough of the property. It can also be a vlog answering a question on commercial real estate. It can also be some short highlights of the recent real estate training you attended.

43. Open House or Home Showing Video Recap

Due to the pandemic, virtual open houses have almost become a necessity and not just a mere luxury. Have you successfully pulled off a virtual open house a few days ago? Post a video recap of the event on your different social media channels. It can be a recap video of the entire event itself or a walkthrough of the property.

44. Videos of Other People

Share someone else’s informative or fun video about real estate that you know your subscribers will enjoy. The video can be from a home stager, a real estate coach, or an unusual or funny news story.

45. Supported Charitable Causes

Let your subscribers see your charitable side and bring more attention to a cause you personally support. Most social networks today even let you make a donate now button. It allows you to automatically create charity drives, making it a win-win situation.

46. Success Story of a Client

Everyone loves reading success stories, especially now when the internet and other forms of media are filled with nothing but bad news. A good idea for a real estate social media post is a story about how your client successfully got their dream home with your help. Once again, just make sure that you ask permission from your client and take lots of photos of the whole process.


47. Your Own House

If you are currently in the process of selling or buying your own house, why not discuss it with your clients? It is the best time to make them relate to you and the emotions they feel when they sell and buy their own home. Document the whole process and share details about your decision in selling or buying your home.

48. Recurring or Weekly Series

Why not write a series of articles that discusses a particular topic? You can share each article per week while hyping the upcoming article in the meantime.

49. Free Activities in Your Local Area

Does your local area have any festivals soon? Are there interesting landmarks that people should see and check out? Are there nice biking trails nearby with good scenery? List down all free activities in the area and share them with your social media followers.

50. Home-Buying Tips for First-Time Buyers

Buying your first home can be very exciting but scary at the same time. To ease their fears and answer their questions, share a few tips for getting the best deals for first-time buyers. You can also add a call to action that will direct your prospects to the landing page where a first-time buyer’s guide is waiting for them to download.

51. Inspiration for Home Decoration

Curate your own photos of home decoration inspiration on Pinterest and share the boards on your different social media platforms.

52. Infographics

Infographics give you a chance to pack tons of information into one attractive image. These are also great to be shared on your social media platforms and send some traffic to your site.

53. Customer-Created Content for Community Building

If any of your clients offer a service or product or have an online store, you can also feature it on your realtor social media post.

54. Renovation and Design Tips

Homeowners constantly search for new ways to increase the value of their property or turn it into a comfier environment. You can help them with this by sharing a few renovation and design tips so they can boost their home’s value in no time.

55. Seasonal Home Tips

Every new season brings a new opportunity to update wall colors, spruce up for an upcoming holiday, or just give your living room a quick revamp. Share a few of your favorite ideas for home decoration for every holiday or season.


56. Special Offers and Discounts

Do you have some special promotions? Don’t forget to remind your followers and subscribers about your ongoing special offers and discounts.

57. Local Events You are Attending or Hosting

Many major cities have their own official websites where upcoming events are advertised. Take a look at them, look for the most interesting ones, and inform your viewers about them. Things are even better if you are directly hosting or attending some of these events.

58. DIY Home Improvement Projects

With DIY being on the rise, this is the perfect time for your followers to do a few DIY home improvement projects. You can show them how you do projects yourself and share some helpful tips in the process.

59. Create a Carousel

Many social networks offer their users the opportunity to create image carousels. You can use these for telling longer stories by displaying an ad with multiple parts or images.

60. List of Big-Box Grocery Store Alternatives and Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets are the best places where you can find the freshest groceries available in town. You also help your local economy when you promote the farmer’s markets in your local area.

61. Content from Local Influencers and Experts

Partner with local influencers and experts and share a few of their content. It works especially well when you sign an agreement with them so they can also share your content.

62. National Industry News

Had the interest rates decreased recently? Are there new programs from the government that simplify the process of getting a mortgage? Share national industry news to your subscribers so they can stay updated with the latest developments.

63. Grab the Attention of Current and Past Clients with “@ mentions”

You can try to @ mention a client whenever appropriate or possible. Doing so will encourage them to share your post and at the same time, you can also have direct interaction with your client.

Thank you note

64. Thank You Note

Using social media to express your gratitude can help you endear yourself to your followers and urge them to reciprocate.

65. Fun Fact about Real Estate

You can also share some interesting facts about your local area’s real estate market. These fun facts are always amazing to read.

66. Motivational Quote

These motivational quotes may sound a bit cheesy at times, but they continue to be popular, attracting lots of website traffic, likes, and shares.

67. Trivia About Your Local Area

Share some trivia related to your area, what makes it unique, and the landmarks, museums, and monuments found there. These can also include some interesting animals, vistas, or plants that can never be found anywhere else.

68. Historical Photos of Your Area

Before and after photos are always eye-catching, adding some sense of pride to your entire community.

69. Feature Your Most Popular Blog Posts

If any of your blog posts get the greatest number of shares or bring a lot of traffic to your site, you can also feature them again on your social media pages.

70. Recommended Books

You can share your list of the top ten recommended books to read.

71. Home Exercising Ideas

You can also use your real estate social media post on how to stay active even in the comforts of the home.

72. Staging Ideas

You can share some strategies you can follow to make your properties look amazing when staging them.

73. Hottest Smart Home Appliance

You can share a photo, video, and short review of the newest must-have smart appliance you can get for your home.

74. Advice on What NOT to Buy

Present a few of the most common pitfalls buyers should know and avoid when looking for and buying a new house.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate2

75. Reuse Content from Other Social Platforms

You don’t always need to come up with a brand new realtor social media post for every platform every time. You can try to cut up some of your content on Instagram and turn it into TikTok or you can also stitch together a few shorter videos and use them as a post for Instagram.

76. Break Down the Reputation and Personality of the Different Neighborhoods You Serve

One of the main deciding factors in whether someone chooses to live in a certain neighborhood is none other than lifestyle. Pick some posts to delve deeper into the unique characteristics of every neighborhood you serve.

77. Create and Share a Calendar of Events

Create a simple and clear calendar and share this with your followers if you got some specific social media events you want to host such as virtual showings, contests, and Lives. Your followers can then make the necessary plans to participate in your events.

78. How much ($$$) Will Get You in (Insert City)

This is among the most consistently searched and viewed topics on social networks filled with visuals. It is understandable because the price is usually the number one deciding factor as far as real estate is concerned.

79. Inspire New Realtors

Can you still recall all the content you read up when you were getting started as a realtor? Broaden your circle of influence by posting some relevant content and serving as a reliable resource for real estate students.

80. Interview Clients 

Talk to your clients directly on live videos to give insights to your potential clients on what to expect.

81. Invite a Professional Guest

Is there a real estate-related expert in your area that wants to share some helpful advice? You can ask an appraiser, local plumber, insurance representative, or other experts if they have advice for home buyers and create a shareable post about them.

Gardening and Landscaping

82. Gardening and Landscaping Ideas

First-time home buyers are often first-time garden owners as well. Help them by offering gardening tips to help them beautify the exterior of their homes.

83. Lifestyle Content

Do millennials who live in the city center make up the most of your clients or followers? Do you cater more to large families relocating to the suburbs? You can share some lifestyle tips relevant to them in their new neighborhoods.

84. Make Saveable Checklists 

Moving involves a long list of steps and processes. Come up with helpful checklists your followers can save or view on your page.

85. Post Before and Afters 

A before and after is a great way of showing clients how they can improve their properties to increase their value.

86. Repost Relevant Influencers

Reposting your favorite relevant influencers or even doing a duet with them is a great way of hopping on a famous trend and sparking post engagement.

87. Share Tricks You Use in Your House

Realtors like you are some of the people in this world who have seen a lot of homes in their lifetime. This means you have already tested and gathered a few tips that your prospective clients may find helpful.

88. Throwback Posts

People always love flashbacks to fonder days. It doesn’t matter if it is a flashback post about your professional achievements or personal life, a peak of the past will surely gain attention.

89. Interior Design Trends

You might have noticed some constant interior design trends among your latest property listings. You can share these with your clients who might not have personally viewed many homes.

90. “Home of the Week”

Home of the week can be an inspirational area of the house that suits your style or even a recent sale.

91. Contact Information

While your website may already have it, give your subscribers that extra push to call you by using your real estate social media post to remind them.


92. Favorite Podcasts 

An informative and entertaining podcast is an effective and easy way to effortlessly gain tidbits of helpful information.

93. Day-in-the-Life

Show your followers what happens in your day as a realtor.

94. Use New Social Media Features or Filters

Take advantage of the newest features and filters so you can increase the success and reach of your posts.

95. Real Estate Terms Made Simple

While all real estate jargon may already be familiar to you, these may sound like alien words to your clients. Sharing a handy vocabulary word with its definition now and then can offer your followers some value.

96. Free Resources

Clients often research every single detail of the process of buying a property. You can help them out by sharing free resources.

97. Seasonal Tips 

Every season brings new concerns and demands. Keep your subscribers in the loop all year long.

98. Tell Your Story

Authenticity and humanity are what make any profession appealing. Share your personal stories that made you learn a lesson you want to share with your followers.

99. Experience the Property

Generate buzz about your property listing by making a post about what it feels like to spend an average day at a particular property.

100. Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes content can build anticipation about your new listing. Take some BTS content if you have stagers, videographers, and other service providers visiting the property. Post the content on your social media for your followers to see the hard work spent just to sell a property. It will make them curious to see the result.

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