8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Are you wondering how to effectively utilize the various social media platforms to give visibility to your brand, get tons of leads and make sales?

Many realtors deal with issues like being unable to generate multiple leads, few or no sales, and intense rivalry for limited inventories. This is terrible because people prefer to list with established realtors, and no one wants to hire a realtor with zero or very few sales.

The good news is that there are effective ways to get real estate clients fast, and it includes expanding your sphere of influence. In addition to having a high referral rate, increasing your sphere of influence will give you access to many leads and potential sales.

To grow your sphere of influence, marketing is the best course of action. In this article, we’ll be sharing 8 social media marketing ideas for real estate agents.

1. Employ humor in your social media campaign


Marketing is said to be effective once it is noticeable and memorable, and according to studies on the “humor effect,” hilarious content is more recalled than non-comedic content because people focus more on things that are amusing, which is why we can recall them.

By posting funny content that clicks, a lot of people will know and always remember your brand.

For the obvious reason that people like to laugh, funny memes and videos are shared more frequently than any other kind of content on social media. By incorporating humor in your social media posts, you’d achieve virality which would give you more exposure and drive more sales. Creating humorous content also helps you grab your audience’s attention. 

There are already too many serious ads out there, so incorporating the right type of humor into your marketing campaign will make your business stand out from the others.

2. Organize Quizzes and Contests

Real estate quizzes and contests

Quizzes and contests are very underrated real estate marketing ideas! Create a quiz or contest on your website, post the links about the details, or even the answers to the quiz questions on your social media platform.

Your quiz questions should be real estate related but also based on questions random people can have answers to. Try quizzing on topics like ‘how much you know your state,’ ‘identify and name home decorators,’ or ‘guess the owners of these celebrity houses.’ Make sure they have to do with real estate and are not too difficult so people don’t lose interest.

For contests, engage your followers and friends by making contests like the best vegetable garden or the most impressive interior decoration, or who has the cutest family pet. Maybe even simple contests like “Home of the Week”!

No quiz or contest is complete without a prize, but don’t worry, you don’t have to spend millions to get prizes for winners. From something as simple as maybe a free consultation session with a real estate expert to giving out the merchandise of your real estate company like branded t-shirts, mugs, pens, face caps or gift cards. Just make sure your prizes are tangible as well as advertise your business!

3. Repurposing contents

Repurposing contents

Content creation used to be straightforward because all you had to do was produce a blog, a podcast, or a video and then distribute it to all available social media channels. You can use the same copy, hashtags, and captions across the board.

But it’s no longer that simple. There are more channels than ever, and there is tremendous competition among them. You must ensure that your content satisfies the requirements for each platform because there are different expectations from the various audiences across the various platforms.

Repurposing content entails reusing content that you already have or are creating and utilizing it to produce social media posts differently. You can accomplish this by breaking up your blog post into an engaging Twitter chat or turning it into a YouTube video.

There are several benefits to using previously developed content again. It gives you a presence, saves you time, and maintains the consistency of your brand. Additionally, it encourages engagement because you are more likely to receive impressive engagement rates the more posts you produce.

4. Posting educational real estate content

Quality Content for Real Estate Marketing

It might become really monotonous posting your listings time and again. By sharing educational materials on your social media sites, you can display greater creativity. You should keep up with local events in your niche area by reading local newspapers and community events calendars and then posting about them.

Write about local businesses like the markets, stores, restaurants, or other businesses near and in your target area.  You can also discuss the area’s transportation accessibility, such as which streets or areas have the quickest access to bus stops, train stations, or metro stations.

You could also discuss the local points of interest, such as parks, and list the greatest parks and the activities they provide, such as picnic areas and beaches. You should also share things like market data, neighborhood analyses, home seller or buyer tips, and answers to frequently asked questions to establish yourself as an expert.

Creating social media content on these topics will demonstrate your expertise in the real estate industry, which would encourage individuals to use your services.

5. Take advantage of infographics

Real estate infographic marketing

Infographics are pictures that present information in a way that makes it more fascinating to read than typical written text. With the help of infographic marketing, a business can present information in a way that stands out from the crowd and differentiates it from rivals.

Using infographics will always be more effective than written texts because infographics are easier to understand. Your audience will be more interested in your content if you creatively represent information using graphs, charts, and tables since people pay more attention to images than to text.

Also, captivating and interesting infographic content would help your brand go viral, thereby increasing the number of clients you can attract. People don’t always want to read an in-depth explanation of why your product or service is valuable, which is where marketing infographics come in.

In one succinct, captivating visual, you can explain why you are the best realtor or even why your listing is the best in the area. You can click on the description below or visit soldouthouses.com/infographics/ for our 150-done-for-you real estate infographic package.

6. Social Media polls

Social Media Polls for Real Estate

Most social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram now have a feature displayed as “Polls.” This feature is an essential tool for you as a real estate agent. It is a quick way to traffic on your page!

Why? We all love to give our opinions on almost everything, even things we sometimes don’t know much about.

So giving your general audience the avenue to vote on things like preferred interior decorations or home structure or even seemingly unimportant stuff like the size of lawn they’d rather have, makes them feel special. It shows you value their opinion and views. But more than that, it helps you, as an agent, to understand potential buyers’ needs and wants.

From the results of these polls, you can understand customer preferences allowing you to improve your strategy to satisfy a particular audience. Take note to ALWAYS attach your polls to pictures or videos to make them less abstract and more relatable.

You can also get access to our done-for-you social media post templates by clicking on the link below or going to soldouthouses.com to learn more!

7. Posting aesthetic photos and videos of the property

real estate video

Property photographs are essential for realtors to succeed on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. By posting images of your properties online, you can give prospective clients a quick overview of what to expect from the property and entice them to contact you for additional details.

Sharing visually appealing images will help you emphasize your home’s selling points because professional photographers will draw attention to the property’s remarkable characteristics and downplay its flaws. Additionally, it aids in the speedy sale of the house.

According to research, homes with attractive photos sell 35% faster than those without them, and not only do they sell faster, but they also sell for more money.

Include videos on your social media pages if you want to take it a step further. On average, Facebook video posts have eight billion daily views. Additionally, compared to picture postings, video posts have a 135% higher organic reach.

On your real estate social media profile, videos are undoubtedly more likely to generate engagement than text or image posts which is why it’s a must to include them in your social media marketing campaign.

8. Using influencers to increase engagements


Influencer marketing is a type of social media promotion that involves product placement and endorsements from influencers or persons and organizations that are thought to be experts in their industry or to have significant social impact.

A 2016 study revealed that compared to conventional digital marketing strategies, influencer marketing content yields a return on investment which is 11 times higher.

With such a striking return on investment, it is understandable why bloggers are hopping on the influencer marketing bandwagon.

Influencer marketing is a tool used by real estate agents to increase social media engagement on their brand channels, obtain high-quality backlinks for their online content, form connections with niche audiences, and increase brand or campaign awareness. 

Because influencers instantly engage with their followers and can easily recommend your product or services to them, it also allows agents to directly reach out to their target audience.

It increases website traffic because there’s a good likelihood that many potential customers will click on the influencer’s social media post that includes a link to your website or other social media account. As a result, your website’s traffic and SEO score will rise, making you easier to find on search engines and giving your social media channels more exposure.

It is also simpler for influencers to sway the opinions of their devoted fans since they have greater audience trust.


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