The 6 Mindsets of Highly Successful Real Estate Agents

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Do you want to develop your mindset to think like a successful real estate agent?

When people look at successful real estate agents, many wish to be like them or think that success was handed to them on a silver platter.

What many people fail to realize is that these real estate agents have done a lot of work to get to where they are professionally. Changing and fixing your mindset lays the groundwork and sets a good foundation for a successful career.

The good news is that every successful realtor was once a beginner. And the common denominator with all successful agents is their mindset. In today’s article, we’re going to look at some tried and tested mindsets to experience success in your real estate agent career.

1. Ditch the Fixed Mindset for a Growth Mindset


A growth and development mindset will allow you to be resilient for any shortcomings in your career. This mindset helps your brain understand that you’ll encounter some setbacks and challenges in your journey. 

On the other hand, a fixed mindset makes you think that you must be perfect. If you fail at something and you have a fixed mindset, you label yourself as a failure

With a fixed mindset, you’re focused on the final outcome instead of the journey. You give up if you encounter a stumbling block since your mind doesn’t understand that you can develop special skills along the way and learn from your mistakes.

In addition, realtors with a fixed mindset are threatened by the success of other agents. They think successful agents are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and can only envy them. 

However, a growth mindset will inspire you when other agents succeed at what they do. You’ll ask them questions and ask for feedback, then use positive criticism to motivate you. Besides, you’ll ask your successful peers to become your mentors and give you advice along your journey. 

Real estate agents with fixed mindsets often delay their growth since they view themselves as people without talent. They think it’s impossible to excel.

Focus on the positive side of things, take on more challenges, and be patient with your growth. This is a growth mindset.

2. Fail Forward


Many new real estate agents are afraid of failure. They think that failure is the end of their career. On the other hand, successful realtors embrace failure and understand that it’s the fuel for their growth. 

Keep in mind that real estate is often a trial-and-error process. You don’t have to settle for one strategy even when it’s not working. If you fail at one thing, it shouldn’t stop you from trying something else. Don’t lose your passion for something you love. 

Successful realtors let their failures motivate them to do better in their careers. Always look at things objectively. Determine what went wrong and what you need to change. You can then use that to improve your skills.

Ensure you regularly check yourself to avoid going off track. This prevents you from falling back into the same failures that you’re trying to avoid. These real estate affirmations can motivate you to achieve all your goals and overcome your fear and stress. 

3. Networking is Crucial to Success

How to Build a Real Estate Network

Real estate is a networking game. As the old adage goes, if you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, walk with others. Besides, you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.

Sometimes, what looks like a one-man show actually takes a whole lot of people to achieve. You can achieve a lot of growth in your career by walking with mentors, career coaches, business partners, and any other connections. 

At the start of your real estate career, you need to be more intentional about networking. Attend industry events such as seminars, workshops, and conferences. These are great avenues to meet other real estate agents who could become partners or mentors. Ask them what skills or tips you need to succeed in your career. Don’t forget to ask them to give you some of their listings. 

Don’t only network with industry professionals. Any single interaction with a potential client is a chance to add someone to your network. You don’t always have to make a sale. Make a good impression so they can always remember you and refer you to someone else in need of your services.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that the quality of people in your network is far more important than the quantity. Successful realtors understand that knowing the right people may help them achieve more than they could possibly do alone.

4. Integrity Over Money

real estate agent deals

Successful real estate agents are confident because they’re honest and have integrity. They mean what they say and must deliver on what they promise their clients. They understand that you can’t build a successful career without honesty and integrity.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Would you hire an agent you can’t trust? Would you work with an agent who doesn’t keep their word? Do you want a realtor who puts money before everything else and fails to offer value? Would you work with an agent who has no values or principles?

Your honesty and integrity will be key in setting a good foundation for your career. Agents who are integrity-driven always ensure that they’re making the best decision in their careers. Always do the right thing even when it means losing a sale. Your client will appreciate it when you have their best interest at heart. Love what you do and do it right.

5. Discipline Trumps Motivation

Discipline in real estate

While you may be passionate about your real estate career, the truth is that you won’t be motivated every day to keep working. There are some days when the alarm clock will sound like a bother and you won’t feel like leaving your bed. There will be other days when the weather will be too harsh for you to attend meetings and appointments. 

Don’t worry if this happens to you. Many successful real estate agents have these phases as well. What makes the difference is that they realize motivation is transient. It wears out sooner than you realize it.

As such, never wait for motivation to get into action. What you need is discipline. Discipline will have you doing what you set out to do even when you don’t feel like it. It also flips your mindset from having to do something to wanting to do it.

Have systems in place to ensure that you achieve your tasks even when your motivation is low. Systems will work for you in the long term. They also ensure that your business is still running even when you’re not present. You can be on vacation and your marketing is still going on as usual.

Examples of systems that you can implement include customer relationship management (CRM) systems, business management systems, and lead generation software. Determine what systems you need to use and implement them to ensure you won’t have to micromanage every single aspect of your business.

When it comes to your marketing, ensure that you’re using the right tools. Our Pro Membership gives you access to the right tools so that your business keeps moving even when you’re not motivated. Visit and take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

Successful real estate agents also schedule their day for maximum productivity and success. Here, this guide can help you to organize and schedule your day.

6. The Abundance Mindset

Abundance Mindset

Always see the glass as half-full, not half-empty. This is a simple way to have an abundance mindset. Change your perspective. 

Successful real estate agents remain optimistic and hopeful for success. This is the mindset that will help you make steps into the unknown, embrace your fears, and use failure as fuel for growth. The abundance mindset teaches you that there’s a lot of knowledge, tools, and resources to take advantage of in your journey.

With an abundance mindset, you won’t be dejected if a promising deal falls through. Instead, you’ll see the client as a new asset in your network. They will come back one day and become a long-term client. The client will also introduce you to other people in their networks and keep your client pipeline full.

An abundance mindset lets you see other real estate agents as partners and collaborators instead of rivals. Understand that you could learn many things from them about what to do and what not to do. Besides, you could partner with them on many big deals.

An abundance mindset is filled with gratitude. Realize that the real estate world is filled with immense opportunities for you to maximize. Helping others reach their goals helps you achieve yours as well.


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