36 Real Estate Advertising Ideas for Every Realtor

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The first step to a rewarding and successful career as a realtor is to get your real estate license, which requires a minimum investment of money and time on your part. However, before you even reach this “rewarding” part, expect to deal with some stress along the way and do lots of work.

Unfortunately, many novice realtors have no idea what to do and where to start in the first place.

One of the first things you should do is come up with a specific goal for your real estate agent advertising strategies. What is this goal? Of course, it is to sell as many properties as you can!

When it comes to real estate advertising, there are several ideas you can consider using, whether you are just starting with your venture, you need some inspiration, or you simply want to try new things.

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Real Estate Advertising Strategies to Engage with Target Audience

The following are 36 real estate advertising ideas for every realtor out there who dreams of becoming successful in the field:

1. Always Use Professional Photos

Use Professional Photos for Real Estate

Your career as a realtor relies a lot on the use of photos, which are probably more important than property descriptions. This is why you should never underestimate and take for granted the undefeatable power of photos.

Statistics revealed that most homeowners today go online when searching for properties to buy or sell. But do you know the first thing people notice on your website or listings? It’s photos! Photos can help sell a house faster and sometimes, for even more money.

On the other hand, if you only use small photos that you probably captured with your phone camera, you cannot expect these to encourage someone to even glance at your description. Thus, always equip your real estate brochures with professional-looking photos.

Professional photographers will have the necessary know-how on what it takes to put a house in the spotlight through proper lighting, angles, and editing. While it is often the best and most recommended option to hire a photographer to take the photos you need, you can always do it on your own with a bit of research and study and a good quality camera in case your budget is a bit limited.

Don’t forget that good photos will evoke and associate more positive emotions with the house, so always use them to your advantage.

2. Offer Virtual Tours to Your Clients

virtual tour open house

While photos are great, there is something else that does better, and this is none other than a virtual tour! Virtual tours are 360-degree panoramas that are an exciting and one-of-a-kind way to let people immerse and imagine themselves in a room or yard.

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase your best properties. The viewers get the chance to look side to side in any direction to check every single detail and aspect of the place.

You can also embed these virtual tours on your official website and let them impress all your visitors. Everyone prefers to work with experts, and virtual tours can definitely help make look like one.

3. Come Up with Smart Listing Descriptions


Regardless of the materials that you use for your real estate agent advertising efforts, your number one goal here is to stand out from the rest. How can you do that? Clever writing should always be your priority here. A good story is always at the forefront of a good real estate advertising strategy.

Always come up with enticing listing descriptions for every property that you want to rent or sell. These descriptions should highlight unique amenities and the best features. Include new improvements and add words that can make the readers imagine what it would feel like to actually live in the house.

If a house is the main highlight of your real estate brochure, make sure a feeling is connected with the object, such as describing how the home can serve as a safe haven after work. Smart listing descriptions can help transport readers to the setting you are describing, increasing the chances that a potential client will grab the phone to get in touch with you.

Avoid shocking or strange descriptions, though, that might have the opposite effect on your readers. Instead, use words that will make the descriptions linger in their memory for a long time in a positive way.

The internet is now filled with lots of creative real estate descriptions so walk the extra mile and don’t be lazy.

Real Estate Advertising Strategies for Content

4. Try Blogging

Real Estate Blog

Blogs work as a more indirect approach compared to other real estate agent advertising strategies like postcards. While you won’t see results immediately, the effort will be worth it sooner or later.

A professional real estate may take some maintenance effort on your part, but all the time and work invested in it will pay off in the long run.

Having your own blog is also the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your experience as a realtor, drive more business to your door, attract more website traffic, and let everyone see your knowledge of the real estate market.

5. Add Customer Testimonials to Your Website


Reviews and testimonials on your real estate website can generate more social proof to make you and your business seem more reliable. People often follow others who are just like them. Every time they read about someone who was in a situation similar to theirs, they will pay more attention and heed the advice of that person.

Testimonials are like the bulletproof vest of your real estate advertising strategy. They don’t just work because they can also get rid of any doubt in people’s minds. It is how testimonials work so don’t forget to add some that come from your past clients with relatable stories.

6. Use Videos to Your Advantage

Videos are another fantastic tool for marketing for all types and sizes of businesses. However, they work extra great in the real estate field. Create videos that present all your best properties so you can attract more new leads and show off your listings in an engaging and striking way.

Real Estate Advertising Strategies Using Online Tools

7. Put Ads in Online Newspapers


Ads in online newspapers continue to provide value to realtors even to this day of the modern digital age. All you have to do is look for a trusted local newspaper that can bring in more quality leads.

Never assume that newspapers are a real estate advertising strategy that already belongs to the Middle Ages. They are more than that and still work well. Despite being a rather traditional strategy, it is still very prevalent now. Many people continue to read newspapers, whether physical or online, to find helpful information so be sure to add them to your advertising arsenal.

You can use online newspapers for promoting your real estate business by harnessing the power of this community. Once people read your ads, they will feel more interested to learn more about you and your offerings.

8. Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails Messages DMs

Your life will be easier and more convenient if you automate your email marketing campaigns. The good news is that there are now many tools to help you here such as Mailchimp.

A good example of these campaigns is to add real estate newsletters to your emails. Through this, you can be sure that both your existing and potential clients will stay updated and informed. At the same time, newsletters can also help you maintain a more active online engagement rate with your clients.

Informing and engaging are the two main pillars that support this particular real estate advertising strategy and must always be considered in every marketing effort you make.

9. Don’t Leave Out Your Email Signature

Real estate email signature

Your email signature is a must to add to your emails to make people recall you better. Just make sure that your email signature is simple but includes pertinent contact information, such as your name, company name and job title, mobile phone number, office phone number, and link to your website. You can also choose to add your social media profiles if you like.

Real estate business cards can also be good examples of effective signatures you can use as part of your real estate advertising effort. Business cards offer clients a glimpse of your professional self. So don’t forget to always have your business cards with you no matter where you go.

While business cards might have been in existence for some time now, there is no sign that they will disappear anytime soon, and they shouldn’t either. Business cards can make a great first impression as it reveals what type of professional you are. Just like your email signature, your business cards should also contain your important contact details so people can reach out to you right away.

10. Harness the Power of Flipbooks

real estate online flipbook

Turn your real estate presentations or brochures into Flipbooks to make them more interesting and attractive. Flipbooks are super easy to make, are shareable, and look gorgeous. You can also embed Flipbooks on your site if you like.

You can use existing templates for your Flipbooks or develop them from scratch. You can also add links and videos to your real estate flipbook to better present your listings.

11. Try Google Ads

real estate Ads with Google

Google Ads is probably the most popular way that realtors can use to start their PPC advertising campaigns. With Google being the most widely used search engine in the world, it is almost expected that it also has the biggest impact on today’s real estate industry. It is where sellers and buyers go to search for local realtors and listings, which can help you get the best results for your ads campaign.

Google advertising using PPC works like a bidding system where the users set up their bids on a particular keyword. Every time a user looks for that specific term, the Google algorithm will decide the keywords to show to the user. Different factors affect this decision such as how you set up and optimize your landing page for a clear and better user experience, the relevance of keywords that your ads use, the quality score of Google for your ads, and the ad copy’s quality itself.

12. Respond Quickly and Informatively

real estate agent checking phone

As a realtor, being able to respond fast to queries can make or break your business. Make sure you always have constant access to your email, which can be easily achieved by setting it up on your smartphone.

Make it a regular habit to check notifications and your email inbox. Respond to every query you receive as soon as possible even if you might not have a lot of spare time to come up with a lengthy reply. You can use these prompt replies to encourage leads to get in touch with you to schedule a meeting or call you later for additional details.

13. Don’t Forget to Retarget


For most people, it often takes anywhere between two weeks to four months of research before they reach a final decision on what property to buy. You can use retargeting to leverage this window of opportunity.

Don’t forget to remind all your site visitors about you and your services and encourage them to come back for more. Since these people also showed or expressed their interest in your site listings, it means they are already considered qualified leads.

By setting up a retargeting campaign, people will continue to see your ads even if they are on other sites. It saves you from wasting your money on people who might not even be the least interested in your services. With the higher conversion rates associated with retargeting, it only makes sense to make the most out of them.

14. Have Targeted Facebook Ads in Place

FB Ads for Real Estate

While newspaper ads work well and are good in what they are meant to do, online ads are much better in this digital world. In fact, running a Facebook campaign for just a few dollars a day can already generate good leads using the right ads and the right campaign settings.

If you have never tried doing it before, it is actually quite simple. All you have to do is choose a few houses with different prices and come up with an interesting ad or headline text. Your headline must be interesting enough to make them stand out from the rest of the usual boring ads. Add photos of houses and choose first-time homebuyers or renters as your audience.

Aside from targeting custom audiences on Facebook by adding the Facebook Pixel tag, remarketing can also be done by targeting your website visitors or flipbook viewers, for example.

15. Make the Most Out of YouTube Ads

Real Estate YouTube Ads - SoldOutHouses.Com

If your listings are already using some great videos, using them for your YouTube ads campaign can make them even more powerful. To make them more effective, try limiting the audience only to viewers in your area or city.

Since YouTube is one of the biggest platforms right now, your ads will be seen by more people, and a good percentage of them will likely click the ads and hopefully contact you to view a property.

Real Estate Advertising Strategies with Internet and Social Media Presence

16. Boost Your Social Media Posts

Social Media With Contents

If your Facebook page has low engagement rates, it might be high time for you to consider boosting your posts. To do this, you can add a photo of a house, a short but catchy description, and your website URL.

After you post this just like what you do with regular Facebook posts, don’t forget to click the boost button. You can then choose your target audience afterward. Choose a local audience and target only those whom you think will show interest in the type of property you have. The good news here is that you don’t need a large budget to make a big difference.

17. Attract Leads from Craigslist

Yes, you’ve read that right. Craigslist can also work wonders in generating qualified real estate leads, not to mention that you can use it with no need to pay for anything. It makes it an effective tool for your real estate advertising strategy, especially if you consider the immense and extensive popularity of the platform. Just don’t forget to do your research to find guides that can help you generate more leads with Craigslist so you can expect better results.

18. Maintain a Facebook Page

facebook page SoldOutHouses

Now more than ever, it is expected for all businesses to have their own dedicated Facebook page. It doesn’t matter what your real estate advertising might be, a Facebook page is something your venture can never survive without.

Don’t worry since it won’t cost you a dime to make one, not to mention that the process is also super easy. Use your Facebook page to promote all your listings and engage with your audience at the same time.

19. Use Lead Generators


The use of lead generators is something that some realtors claim to have helped them succeed with their ventures. Others, however, think otherwise. But whether you like or hate these lead generators, it cannot be denied how realtors widely use these websites, so they also deserve to be mentioned in any list of real estate advertising strategies. Realtor.com. Trulia and Zillow are some of the perfect and most popular examples of these lead generators.

20. Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile: SoldOutHouses

Facebook has already been mentioned several times as a critical part of your real estate advertising campaigns. But despite being effective, using just one is not enough sometimes. Although you don’t necessarily have to use all the different social media platforms out there, LinkedIn is another site where you should be in addition to Facebook.

LinkedIn is the top networking site for professionals including realtors like yourself. It is the best place to be if you want to grow your network while serving as a great online business card. See to it that you fill in a summary of your experience, education, and other important details. If you are willing to go that extra mile, you can also start your own LinkedIn company page.

21. Create or Be a Part of Facebook and WhatsApp Real Estate Groups

Facebook and WhatsApp Groups

Local WhatsApp and Facebook real estate groups are like a goldmine, so try to find out if your local area has dedicated WhatsApp or Facebook groups and join them.

You can even create some groups yourself. If you already have an existing community, regardless of its size, you can unite everyone under Facebook’s banner. With the internet now filled with all kinds of groups, including Facebook, you wouldn’t have a hard time attracting more members. Find the right spot and you will be good to go.

22. Tweet It

Twitter is another equally popular and massive social media platform that realtors should use to their advantage. Don’t worry if you aren’t too familiar with tweets because you can always look at how other bigger real estate companies are using Twitter and making it work for their business.

Stay Active for Better Real Estate Advertising

23. Attend Events Related to Real Estate

Always make it a point to attend trade shows and other networking events related to real estate. These occasions are the best way for you to meet and connect with people who might be able to help out later.

24. Join Hands with Real Estate Online Brokerages

When you join forces with online brokerage platforms, you will receive more qualified leads that can help you grow and expand your network further.

25. Create Professional Business Cards

Real estate business card

Professional business cards should always be in your pockets as they are the simplest but most effective forms of real estate advertising. By keeping them handy all the time, you can distribute them when and as needed. Again, make sure your business cards exude professionalism and ensure that all your contact details are updated and correct.

26. Check Out Expired Listings

You might not believe it but yes, expired listings are also one of the best ways to find more new leads. These listings expired for a reason and if you can help them out, you will get a chance to land a great deal.

27. Distribute door hangers for Effective Door to Door Marketing

Put on your running shoes and start distributing door hangers within your neighborhood for literal and figurative door-to-door marketing.

Blog and Website Ideas for Real Estate Advertising

28. Build a Website If You Don’t Have One Yet

real estate site

As mentioned earlier, all businesses are expected to have a dedicated website, mainly because it is one of the best ways to capture leads online organically. Try updating your website during your spare time, such as in between meetings and calls.

Even though building a website as a part of your real estate advertising strategy might not be the easiest and simplest step, it is more than worth it. All it takes is a bit of patience and some know-how and you will be on the right track.

29. Add a Touch of Professionalism to Your Website

It is not enough that you just have a website. You also need to make sure that it looks and feels clean, uncluttered, and professional to make it easier for your clients to find your listings.

30. Go for Mobile Optimization

Your website must also load fast and look great on smartphones because if it doesn’t, visitors will leave right away, and Google will penalize your site. You can always ask your webmaster to help you with this.

31. Optimize Your Website for Local Searches

Real Estate SEO

When it comes to real estate agent advertising, studying SEO is a must if you want to increase your chances of getting found on major search engines. Local traffic should be your priority, with your main keywords including the name of the area or city you work in.

People-Based Real Estate Advertising Ideas

32. Always Call After a House Visit


While your leads may not be interested in the house, make sure you call them to thank them for the time. Always give your leads the best treatment they deserve and expect from you.

33. Continue to Help Even After the Sale

Just because you already made a sale doesn’t mean it’s the end. Make yourself available and help your clients as much as you can after you receive your commission.

34. Don’t Forget Your Former Clients

Your previous clients might be your biggest and most important referrals. Happy clients will be more than willing to refer you to others.

35. Host Open Houses


Hosting open houses will always remain one of the best forms of real estate advertising. Aside from increasing your chances to sell the house, it also lets you mingle with a large group of people who can be your leads or provide leads.

36. Increase Your Leads with 360 Ad Templates

Get your hands on 360 real estate ads that are professionally designed that you can use to attract more clients and leads. If you want to save more money and time, https://soldouthouses.com/adtemplates can give you exactly just that. Tweak things around from colors to pictures and text with no need to hire a designer or pay for Photoshop.


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