12 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas to Get More Leads

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Every successful real estate agent depends on lead generation to thrive, and the average realtor spends over $2,000 per month on lead creation to keep their firm operating.

Generating these leads cost most realtors a lot of money without actualizing considerable Return On Investment. Some of them spend a lot of time creating posts on social media to generate leads, but they receive few responses. 

Without having a grasp on the best lead generation strategies, things can be really frustrating for any real estate agent, and they’ll end up running on losses. The good news is that with the right social media posts, you’ll be able to generate massive leads that’ll convert and build a steady pipeline of interested clients!

And in this article, we will be highlighting the 12 real estate social media post ideas to get more leads. Keep reading as we offer you the best-converting social media posts that will net you several transactions.

1. Tips for Buyers and Sellers

For many reasons, buying and selling can be a very daunting task for your prospects. One reason is that they want to have the best deal, just like everyone else, including you. No one likes to lose out on anything. Your prospects too.

When prospects want to buy, they don’t just jump on it head-on, especially when they’re intending to spend a lot of money. Instead, they prefer to make informed choices. Who better to help them do that than you?

For the sellers, it could be the first time that they’re selling a home. It could also be that they’ve tried hard to sell, but they haven’t been successful. They need help. You know how you can help them. Win-win!

Put together a list for a wide range of buyers and sellers and make posts about them. Give them tips that’ll help them buy or sell. Remind them too, that you’re there to help them meet their home goals whenever they’re ready to buy or sell. They’ll come running to you afterwards.

Let them know the best times to buy and sell. Tell them what to look for. Show them how you can make their real estate transactions much easier, and you’ll see how many leads you’d generate from such posts… A lot!

All types of social media content can work for such posts, but we’ll tell you this for free… Videos perform very well. Try it. 



Quotes are an underrated means for generating leads in real estate. Most people don’t even believe they’re an option at all. How wrong they are!

With quotes, realtors like you can connect with buyers by appealing to their emotions and helping them make the decisions that you want them to.

For example, here are a few quotes that can elicit actions from your prospects:

“Landlords grow rich in their sleep.” John Stuart Mill

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” Andrew Carnegie

“You are not buying a house, you are buying a lifestyle.” Anonymous.

Be sure that your quotes are short and easy to comprehend.

3. Real Estate Terms

real estate terms

Another way to generate leads through social media posts is by making posts about real estate terms.

Most buyers and sellers have little understanding of those terms and would love nothing more than to have them explained to them for free. But that’s not all. It positions you as an expert in their minds and helps them trust you and eventually become your clients.

Any realtor who is wanting to get inbound leads must leverage creating content on real estate terms. 

4. Real Estate FAQ

Real estate FAQ

For both sellers and buyers, the process of buying or selling a house is a very challenging one, especially if you don’t have the experience. Real estate transactions are very complicated, so it’s quite normal to have a lot of questions during every step of the buying or selling journey.

With prospects lying in wait with countless questions on their minds, making posts that answer these questions is a powerful way to build trust and credibility and convert these prospects into leads.

For example, you can ask questions like:

  • Are real estate commissions negotiable?
  • How much does a seller pay in closing costs?
  • How can a real estate agent help me sell a home?

Answers to questions like these will help you generate leads for your real estate business.

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5. Infographics

Real estate infographic marketing

As a real estate agent, there’s a need to give out information that is engaging for your clients. One of the ways to get this done is through infographics.

Infographics help to communicate real estate concepts to prospects which in turn leads to an increase in traffic in whatever medium you’re using to share the information, like blogs, for example. It also helps to impress your clients and position yourself as a leader in your niche.

By creating easy-to-understand infographics, both buyers and sellers will be able to understand some of the more technical side of real estate, like bidding, loans, and negotiations.

With the right real estate CRM tools, custom surveys, or case studies, you can be enlightened on the type of questions your audience has so you can create infographics based on what they actually want to know.

Infographics are a very versatile type of visual in real estate. They can be used to summarize processes, compare information, simplify complex topics, and show trends over time. If you’re not using it yet, you should jump on it!

6. “Just Sold” Post

 Just sold sign

Anyone who wants to sell a property would love to meet a real estate agent who knows how to sell houses and not one who just claims to. This is where this kind of post comes in.

“Just sold” posts demonstrate to your prospects that you have what it takes to help them either buy the house of their dreams or sell their house. It works even better if you incorporate a story, as it humanizes your brand and helps your prospects connect with you. 

Was it difficult to sell the home? Did the sale help your client fulfill their dreams? Posts like that help to generate leads. Yet, you must do it well. Here’s an example:

Peter got an unexpected job transfer in March and suddenly had to move and leave his home. He was worried about selling his home from 2,500 miles away, especially in the dead of winter in an area where homes usually take months to sell. It took a bit of unconventional marketing, but Peter’s home sold in just a few months for $700,000, which enabled him to buy his new dream home. All the best to him!

Posts like this allow prospects to see themselves and crave the same results as the person in the post. You should try it.

7. “Just listed” Posts

 just listed sign

If you want to hype up your new listings, the best way is to post about them so that everyone can see them. 

Don’t just do it once. Come on, don’t be shy. Go on and share them repeatedly. Your entire audience can’t see it each time, so reminders and multiple shares will maximize its reach.

Share a few details about the house, post pictures of different angles and areas and, of course, inject some personality into it.

Be sure to include an exterior shot and a few of the best interior shots, like the most important details, the number of beds and baths and very importantly, include a link to the listing on your website.

8. Open Houses

open house

Are you having an open house at any of your listings? Then, you should make a post that people can easily share with their friends to drum up attendees. 

Don’t make people sift through all your listings before they can see the open houses. Instead, do a weekly recap of all your upcoming open houses with their dates and locations. That way, people can attend more than one and who knows how many clients you’ll get?

Can you keep a secret? I have one for you right now. Always keep your open house posts short and sweet. You must include key details like address, date, time, and a few top home pictures. Be sure to highlight perks like the spread you’re having or the lender who’s co-hosting with you. It’s very important.

9. Testimonials


We know that high-quality pictures may attract new leads, but you need testimonials to sell them. Many people may only choose you as their realtor if they can see that you’ve done a great job for others.

Bragging about yourself matters very little. No one cares about that. But when others brag about you, it means the whole world! Let them tell others how helpful you were during their real estate transaction. This is the best way to build trust with potential clients.

If it’s long, don’t post the entire testimonial. People don’t have the time. Instead, post a few lines and then link to the full post on your website.

Don’t just post text, people can easily gloss over it. Add some graphics to it; perhaps, a nice photo. There are a few vital things you must note when posting testimonials:

  • Mention the client’s name and city.
  • Tag the client in the picture from your personal account so that their friends can see it, too.
  • Don’t post them too often. Make it seem natural. Ensure that they’re broken up with plenty of other posts. 

10. Market Update

Understanding real estate market

Whether they’re buying or selling, people always tend to follow the market closely for a few months at least before deciding to list or make a decision. As a real estate agent, posting statistics about your local market will help you put yourself in front of prospects and keep your existing clients informed.

You can do this using your local real estate board’s monthly or quarterly reports. The post can either be in the form of a graphic post, a Reel or a TikTok post. These are particularly effective because they’re quick to film and are great ways to market yourself showing your own personality and presence.

Posts on market updates will show your prospects that you know your stuff and are well-informed about what’s happening in the local market. As a realtor, this is an amazing way to build expertise. Yet, you must be careful not to make it boring, and I’ll show you how in a few steps.

  • Don’t just list stats, tell them why those stats matter.
  • Use less text.
  • Don’t use industry jargon. They don’t understand that, so they’ll simply scroll past.
  • Always remember to link to the original source.

11. Neighborhood News

real estate agent with client

Everyone loves to know what’s happening around them or around the place they wish to move to. Hence, the choices of both buyers and sellers are highly influenced by the neighborhood they’re in, or where they want to live.

What does this imply? Any real estate agent should take advantage of this fact and create content around it to gain leads. It can be in the form of posting guides or neighborhood stats.

Neighborhood guides are of more importance to buyers relocating to a new city. They’ll need to know things about their neighborhood that they can’t find on Google. You can make posts in the form of carousel posts, Reels, and TikTok. 

Posting statistics for a specific neighborhood helps attract potential clients wanting to list their home in that neighborhood. It displays your experience at a micro-local level and gives that client the confidence that you can get them the best results.

It’s also valuable information for those looking to buy in the area, giving them an idea of price benchmarks and what to expect.

12. Behind the Scenes

real estate agent deals

Everyone loves to take a glimpse into the lives of others. Somehow, it helps us connect to them specifically. Your prospects too. They want to know exactly what happens behind closed doors.

Show them that these houses don’t sell themselves. Show them the work that goes into creating contracts, strategizing listing details, negotiating offers, and of course, organizing photography.

Showing prospects how hard you work for your clients is one of the best ways to convince skeptics and convert them to leads.

Check out our 100 Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors Guide to Generate More Leads Online.

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