10 Most Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Agents

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Are you curious about the lead generation strategies that successful real estate agents have been using to build effective lead lists? Then you definitely want to go through the whole article.

Get yourself a chilled drink, find a seat, make yourself comfortable, and do not leave your screen because every second of this video will unravel the secrets of effective lead generation that will catapult you into success.

In this extremely competitive real estate market, every real estate broker knows that they must close at least 80% of their prospects in order to gain market power. Achieving this requires a lot of skills and strategies that the majority of realtors need to have.

Lead generation has been everyone’s primary aim, and this is because it is the greatest tool that guarantees closing more clients at the end of the day.

Since lead generation is a skill you must master as a realtor, we have compiled the ten most effective lead generation strategies for real estate agents.

If the strategies you are using to generate leads are not giving you the desired results, you should read this article and update your tactics now.

1. Build your network

How to Build a Real Estate Network

Networking in the real estate market is all about connecting with potential clients with the intention of converting them into real clients.

There is no harm at the beginning using conventional marketing methods such as knocking on doors in the neighborhood, offering your finest deals, phoning numbers of possible consumers, distributing brochures and leaflets, and so on.

These activities will expand your network; nevertheless, as you know, in the digital world, you must keep up with technological advancement to stay on the same track as your prospects.

Now, in order to put this in action, let’s talk about what you have to do to broaden your real estate network:

Provide a professional approach by creating a user-friendly website with enriched UX design, easy navigation, clear and simple information, thorough description of the area, landscape views,  facilities, sizes, pricing, and graphical and statistical presentation of progress reports. This is because your website serves as a channel for your customers to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Engage with the community, attend business events, join local clubs and meetings, and broaden your social network.

2. Join the Marketplaces

real estate marketplaces

One of the effective strategies used in generating real estate leads is gathering information, and you can accomplish this by using commercial real estate data platforms.

So what are these Commercial Real estate data platforms? Let me explain.

They are systems that assist commercial real estate professionals to create leads by displaying contact information, listing agents, available properties, and other property data.

MLS, Reonomy, ProspectNow, CoStar, LoopNet, Trulia, Realtor.com, and Zillow are a few examples of prominent commercial real estate database providers.

MLS is especially effective as it allows Real estate brokers to make contractual offers of collaboration and remuneration (among brokers), as well as collect and distribute information to allow evaluations and make Leads to directly contact realtors through their Find an Agent Menu.

Each of these platforms operates in a unique manner. You’ll notice that some commercial real estate databases are markets for buyers and sellers just like Zillow, while others are meant to assist professionals to obtain leads; a perfect example is ProspectNow.

Make sure you understand the function of each database and choose the best one that generates more quality Leads. We recommend choosing Zillow, Reonomy and ProspectNow, but all others are effective too.                                             

3. Leverage on Referrals

real estate referrals

The National Association of Realtors’ poll indicates that 64% of sellers found their agents via recommendations from friends, neighbors, or family. Isn’t that great?

Referrals do half the work for you, and you need to nurture your prospects before pursuing them to listen to you and this can only be possible if you have satisfied your previous clients. 

Always remember to request references from previous happy customers and clients to help you build this referral network with ease.

Referrals operate like magic, generating leads for you on their own. But just in case you are new, you may make contact with certain groups based on shared interests, usually in open houses during discussions, and they can refer to your name in return.

Lead generation in the real estate industry is a difficult process, and you are under pressure to boost your efficiency by turning the majority of leads into actual purchasers or sellers. So in order to get high-quality results, you should prioritize personal contacts, relationship development, and one-on-one interactions with leads.

It is also important to have a thorough plan for monitoring and managing leads, making phone calls, pursuing customized communication, emailing, and physical encounters so that you can examine the process and work on the flaws. By doing this, you will see your lead generation skills hitting the roof.

4. Building a relationship with Local Businesses

partnership handshake

Creating mutually beneficial alliances with insurance companies, personal bankers, lenders, nearby hospitals, bakeries, hardware stores, and so on, and also trying to co-host events that will help both parties to attract typical clients is one of the best ways to generate quality leads. 

You can also use this avenue to provide discounts to clients who use referred connections so that you and your partners can cultivate leads for mutual growth.

Have you ever created a business alliance before? Share your experience with other business corporations in the comment section. 

5. Social Media Marketing


In the age of digital marketing, social media marketing is an essential strategy that cannot be overlooked. We all have definitely been influenced by these platforms, and we are able to share these tips with you.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are popular platforms for maximizing the value of online resources. Using LinkedIn can foster your professional networking, and LinkedIn ads provide potential leads who are more ready to work with you.

Using Facebook and Instagram, which are low-cost lead generation platforms, will allow you to communicate with potential customers by joining various online groups and events, and through that, you can continue with the number one strategy we talked about today.

In order to increase traffic that will automatically increase your leads, you can personalize your content and post eye-catching visuals on these platforms. You should also know that in the lead generation process, Facebook ads and Facebook groups generate target audiences that are easy to track and manage. 

You can also assess your success rate and decide whether to continue with ads or explore other options, and this gives you a very direct report on what is working or not.

6. Using Video Marketing


A study found that 73% of potential clients are interested in seeing a video regarding home listings, and only 9% of agents currently use listing videos. Isn’t that shocking? You should be part of the group that uses them.

YouTube videos are an excellent way to engage with your leads while also impressing them with tempting landscape views of buildings, gardens, and flats.

You can use a good camera, lighting equipment, sound narration, and editing tools to add a professional touch. 

Just make sure you create a powerful film that encompasses all parts of marketing techniques, such as client interviews, live question-and-answer streaming, agent profiles, annual progress, real estate events, and information. This helps boost your credibility and makes getting new leads easier.

7. Create Content Marketing Strategies

In order to keep communication with your subscribed leads flourishing, you will need to create email templates, newsletters, and blogs. Through regular newsletters and email communication, you can inform your leads about valuable insights, discounts, mortgage rates, best listings, and relevant details about your current and upcoming housing projects.

Also, do not create generic content and spam your leads; no one will thank you for that. Organize your subscribed leads based on different characteristics and interests, and then send them suitable promotional material.

Articles and client testimonials, community news, backlinks, and social media links can also help bring leads to your content.

8. Optimizing for Website for SEO

Real Estate SEO

Nowadays, buyers frequently use Google to search for new homes and properties, so if your website has a high search engine ranking, It will increase your visibility. 

SEO optimization and keyword-rich content improve Google rankings for your blog content. 

If you already have a website, then you need to update your website or blog with useful content and current trends or events because Increased visibility in search engines increases website traffic and generates online leads for you.

Make sure you create a customer profile to tailor emails, educational materials, and newsletters to leads based on their interaction with websites, demographics, and interests. It improves lead personalization and targeted communication.

9. Attend trade shows and expos

real estate expo-1

Local or global events and tradeshows are excellent venues for showcasing your real estate projects and raising awareness of your company’s name and brand

In order to generate leads during these events for your real estate property, all you need is to communicate with potential buyers or partners, distribute flyers, and pitch your offerings.

You may also get the chance to meet with industry professionals and learn about the newest and emerging trends. It is also one of the greatest ways you can use to generate leads.

10. Attend open houses

Open House Decoration

Open houses continue to be a popular way to get Real Estate Leads. This might be as easy as hosting an open house for the house you are selling.

To get the most out of open houses, do the following to attract the attention of potential buyers and their real estate professional representatives:

  • Ensure that guests sign in, and place your open house sign-in station just outside the entrance, and include lots of additional sign-in forms and pens.
  • In the weeks leading up to your open house, run specific open house advertising and promote your property widely. Have the home advertised at least five days before the open house.
  • Remember that real estate signage and sign riders are efficient techniques to create interest and business. On the day of the event, wake up early and distribute signs with the open house schedule around the neighborhood.
  • Make a real effort to learn what clients are seeking and demonstrate why the house meets those criteria.

So there you have it; now, generating leads should not be a problem anymore.

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