10 Video Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Have you ever wondered why other Realtors seem to be getting tons of clients, but you’re not, despite all of your efforts?

It could simply be because you’ve been doing things wrong. So many Realtors feel they can have many prospects making inquiries and reaching out to them just by posting pictures and some write-ups on social media. How wrong they are!

What happens is that they end up spending a lot of money and get nothing in return because prospects don’t fall for that anymore. They’re unable to have a sustainable business because they can’t seem to convert these prospects into clients.

Thankfully, there’s a solution! With video marketing, you can uniquely showcase your properties, showing prospects a new perspective on the same property using videos instead of just pictures. Real estate listings with videos get 403% more inquiries than those without videos!

In this article, we will highlight 10 video marketing tips for real estate agents that will help you convert your Real Estate leads into clients and make more money in your real estate business. 

1. Factor in the budget

Real Estate Video Marketing Budget

As a realtor, you might feel the need to just jump right into creating videos; after all, everyone else is doing it, right? Wrong!

When it comes to video marketing, there’s one thing you must understand: Effective video production consumes a lot of time and is expensive. Here’s why.

In the world of Real Estate, quality videos make a huge difference, as the impression you give has a significant impact on your potential clients. Selling in Real Estate has a lot to do with aesthetics and quality. Your videos must be top-notch.

An appropriate and effective budget has to be set to make these quality videos. Indeed, you may not have the budget for high-end videos. That’s alright. Yet, you need to have some sort of a middle ground. A great professional-looking video can do the trick, even if it’s not as high-quality as you may have wanted to produce. Some of these can even be done with video cameras in our pockets! Yeah, I mean phones.

In addition to the budget for filming, which could entail renting equipment, you’ll also need to set some money aside for promoting your videos across the Internet, including Instagram, Google, Facebook, and others. 

2. Plan Ahead

video production process

Contrary to what you may have heard or thought, the best videos don’t happen spontaneously. Running with a spur-of-the-moment idea often doesn’t produce the best possible result. So, what does?

Planning! Take some time and plan out the best possible strategy. Think about the type of video you want to create, the filming process, how you will edit the video, and lastly, where you’ll promote it. 

Think about all of that before creating that video. Do you want to do a house tour or neighborhood tour video you want to produce? 

Once you identify what you want as your final product, you can more easily determine the production process and work on marketing the videos.

For more perfection, you may need to find actors, draft a simple script, and then consider other elements like sound quality and lighting. 

3. Use 360 Video

real estate 360 video

When it comes to video marketing, you’d be wrong not to embrace modern video technology. There are excellent tools on the market that greatly help the Realtor. One of them is the 360 video.

It’s an innovative new video experience that aids in bringing your properties to life by immersing prospects in the listed home.

Especially at this time when buying homes can be time-consuming and difficult. Why not make it easier for your prospects by saving time and shooting 360 videos so they could truly experience the space in a multi-dimensional way.

4. Focus on the lifestyle and not just the property

Young lady lying on the cozy carpet in living room

Real Estate is not just about houses. There’s a lot more to houses than the houses themselves.

When you’re making a real estate sale, you must realize that it’s not just selling the property you’re trying to sell but the lifestyle mentally associated with the property. 

Whether you’re trying to help a seller sell a property or you’re trying to convince a buyer to buy a property, this needs to play out in your videos

A good way to achieve this is to showcase the neighborhood in which the property is situated, the amenities that come with it, and the lifestyle of the people who live in the area. It adds a lot of value to the property you are trying to market.

These videos not only help prospects gain knowledge about property listings but also get a deeper glimpse at the kind of life they can lead in that location.

5. Strategically repurpose your videos

Repurposing contents

One of the biggest temptations you could have after creating some videos for your real estate brand is to simply repost them on all other platforms the same way. 

It’ll save you some time and is less stressful, but is it the best thing? Far from it! Different platforms have different specifications and audiences, and you must pay attention to those.

A better way to go about it is to tweak those videos before posting them on other platforms. Try changing the aspect ratio, the duration of the videos, and any other important factor based on the platform you want to post on.

The full video could be uploaded on YouTube and embedded on your website, but when you want to post on Instagram, you may want to make it shorter and more fast-paced. Cutting relevant clips and putting them together in a 30-40 second video for Instagram reels might be ideal and give you better results than posting the entire video there.

6. Take Advantage of Short Form Videos


With the news about the attention span of humans competing with that of a goldfish, you may want to avoid producing long videos. A recent Microsoft study observed that man’s attention span has dropped to just 8 seconds, which is a 25% reduction in just a few years!

So, unless you intend to stream a live video or a walkthrough video, ensure that your videos are short and crisp but still give all the relevant information.

There are video platforms specifically tailored to help you make short videos for your real estate business, and you’ll be losing tons of money by ignoring them.

Take advantage of short-form video platforms like Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok, which are the most popular. Other platforms include Snapchat Spotlight, Triller, Vimeo, and Likee.

With these short-form video platforms, you can easily showcase your listings and show prospects how their life will be after employing your services. 

With these videos, you can be sure to get some good prospects, especially the younger generation reaching out to you for your services. Ensure that some of your short videos are quite funny, especially for platforms like TikTok, which are primarily for entertainment. Studying each platform will help you know what kind of content to put out.

In general, keep your videos to just 5 minutes or less. That way, you’ll lose fewer viewers and potential clients before the end of the video. You need to evaluate what information is essential and what needs to be left out. 

Your videos should have eye-catching thumbnails and be able to retain the attention of your prospects. This is the secret to massive posts on YouTube.

7. Optimize your videos for search engines

Video SEO

No matter how good your videos are, they’re useless if no one can see them, especially your prospects. For that reason, there is a need to optimize your videos for search engines. One way to do that is by utilizing keyword research.

Keyword research helps you know what to base your video content on by analyzing the most popular keywords used by your prospects. In other words, performing keyword research allows real estate agents like you to identify the keywords frequently searched by potential clients. 

By optimizing your videos for these keywords, you can work towards having your videos rank high on search engines like Google. Once your video content begins to rank well, especially when it gets to the first page, it’ll be seen more often and can easily generate consistent traffic to your real estate listings or website.

Ensure that the main keywords are in the title, description, and tag. It helps your videos rank highly. Embedding the video in your blog and building quality backlinks will also help your video rank higher. 

Some of the keywords that Realtors use include: 

  • Luxury Condo for sale in Los Angeles
  • California Neighborhoods
  • Buying a home in California
  • Real Estate Investing in Ohio
  • Single-family home for sale in Kentucky
  • Apartments for sale in Los Angeles Hollywood

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8. Include CTAs in your videos

Call to action in videos

Your prospects may see your videos, love the property but get confused about what to do next. That’s what happens when there’s no call to action in your videos.

Call to action is a must in your videos and your video descriptions. It’s vital to let your prospects know what action to take next to connect with you after watching your videos. Those calls to action will help your prospects make the exact decision you want them to make, leading to more accessible conversions.

9. Create a real estate video script

Real Estate Video Scripts

Scripts, whether for videos or write-ups, have one thing in common; they make things much easier. A video script will give your real estate marketing video direction and framework.

According to Hubspot, you can use these 8 steps to write an effective video script:

  • Start with a brief.
  • Use the brief to write an outline.
  • Introduce yourself and/or the topic at the start of your script.
  • Commence writing your script, section by section.
  • Support any B-roll with the proper callouts in the main narrative.
  • Be as concise as possible.
  • Use a video script template if available
  • Do a verbal run-through off-camera.

10. Analyze Your Competitors

Competitors video analysis

One way to know what works and what doesn’t is to have a look at others doing the same thing. 

Before deciding on any kind of video to make, you should take a look at other real estate agents to see what kind of videos they are currently making.

This will enable you to examine what they’re doing that is pleasing to their audience and spot content gaps they’re currently not offering. If those gaps are things that your audience might be interested in, then offer them.

It’ll help you know what type of real estate videos are popular amongst your prospects and give you tons of ideas for your video content.

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