86 Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Realtors To Generate More Leads

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In today’s competitive market, real estate businesses are both competitive and challenging. You definitely have the proper grasp of knowledge of lead-driven effective real estate marketing ideas to stand out and grow. developing marketing ideas for real estate is not so easy. You have to think and execute the realtor marketing ideas which can bring qualified and constant buyers to you.

Are you into real estate business right now? Do you want to generate more seller leads or buyer leads online? In this article, I want to share 86 proven real estate marketing ideas and tools you can take advantage of to build your real estate business.

Online Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Realtors

The first idea of today’s marketing strategy should be “online”. We have so many online marketing channels today, We have to utilize those social networks to their max. Now, ask yourself the following questions to determine your marketing status.

1. Leverage Social Media

  • Do you have a social media presence?
  • Do you post valuable content on your brand’s social media channels?
  • Do you respond to comments and engage with your followers?
  • Do you post reviews, testimonials, and company success stories to build your brand’s online presence?
  • Do you have an online community where you can host virtual events, answer FAQs, and connect with potential clients in a semi-formal setting that builds trust?
  • Do you boost your social media posts for a wider reach to a targeted audience?
  • Do you monitor your ads, their responses, and the demographics of those who respond so you can easily carry out retargeting?
  • At the end of your posts, do you have a specific call to action?
  • Do you post content regularly and utilize storytelling to capture your audience’s attention?
  • Do you use the right real estate hashtags to be easily found by your target audience? Hashtags like #realestate #realtor #luxurycondosinmiami #openhouse #floridarealestate
  • Have you utilized media monitoring tools to track brand awareness, track mentions, track industry and competitor trends, generate leads, and identify areas you can improve?
  • Do you create real estate infographics to boost engagement and make it easier for your readers to consume your content?
  • Do you have a button on your page that links to your website?
  • Do you have professionally shot images of your properties? We all know pictures sell.
  • Do you share milestones of your real estate business? This will help build brand trust.

2. Optimize Your Website

  • Do you conduct proper keyword research to generate traffic and leads for your website?
  • Do you narrow down your keywords to specifics to make it easier to rank on search engines (e.g., Beach Houses in Florida or 2-Bedroom Apartment in Costa Blanca)?
  • Do you use your targeted keywords in your titles, meta descriptions, headings, and text to improve your website’s SEO?
  • Is your website responsive and easy to view both on mobile phones and computers?
  • Did you choose a performance-optimized hosting solution and leverage a content delivery network to improve your website’s loading speed and reduce bounce rate?
  • Add call-to-action on all pages of your website.
  • Have you improved your website’s optimization by adding internal links to other pages on your website?
  • Do you make blog posts about the community and area you work in? Great restaurants, entertainment centers, parks, movie theaters, and so on.
  • Have you added a blog to your website where you can write original, educational, and entertaining content? This will improve your SEO ranking and attract more visitors to your website.
  • Do you use the correct keywords and ALT text on the images uploaded to your website so they can show up in Google image search?
  • Try to get links from other relevant websites to link your website to rank higher on Google.
  • Publish a local market quiz on your website.
  • Post a helpful video about the buying and selling process.

3. Build Your Email List to Nurture Potential Buyers and Sellers

  • Have you tailored your content, so it’s specific and valuable to each audience segment?
  • Do you use a strong subject line to capture your lead’s attention and increase your open rate?
  • Do you send a welcome email to new subscribers with information about the neighborhood or how to get started, contact an agent, etc.?
  • Do you limit the images used in your email copy to avoid your emails being sent to the spam folder?
  • Have you tried creating free, helpful content for your landing page in exchange for email addresses to grow your email list?
  • Do you track your performance metrics–open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, and bounce rate to see whether your email marketing campaigns are working?
  • Keep the paragraphs short and follow a logical structure when writing email copy. You can also make use of bullet points and subheadings.
  • Avoid typing in all caps or using too many exclamation marks. Your email could be flagged as spam for that.
  • Try infusing a bit of humor into your copy. Nobody likes boring emails from businesses.
  • Carry out A/B testing for your email campaigns. This is segmenting your audience and sending different email versions to both audiences. Again, this is to measure which campaign gives better results.
  • There are a lot of things you could test during your A/B testing. They are subject line, word order, length, content, personalization, call to action, visuals, etc.

4. Online Advertising

  • Create social media ad campaigns to increase followers on social media channels and increase the mailing list.
  • Create Google ads (display, search, video ads, etc.) for quick results.
  • Have you added your real estate business to Google My Business? Add photos, your hours of operation, your area, and other details to make it easier for customers to find you when looking for real estate businesses.
  • Create a PPC campaign and bid on specific keywords.
  • Your real estate ad must include ad copy, at least an image or video, and a call to action.
  • Carry out analytics to see how your ad campaigns are performing.

5. Funnels

leads and funnels strategy

  • Have you created a separate real estate landing page for each of your listed properties?
  • Have you used various methods to capture leads from your website visitors, such as showing requests or newsletter subscriptions?
  • Have you also considered using a lead magnet to capture leads? It could be a free incentive like an e-book, market reports, a free home evaluation, or a guide to buying or selling your home.
  • Do you send an initial follow-up email to all your captured leads? Setting up a marketing automation workflow can make this easy.
  • Do you nurture your leads by keeping them engaged with different content, graphics, and new listings?
  • Do you conduct retargeting campaigns to show your ads to people who have visited your website but did not take action?

6. Content Marketing

  • Testimonials/user-generated success stories are great content to put on your websites and social media pages. It shows social proof and increases brand trust.
  • Newsletter marketing is also a great way to provide content to your email list. They could be in the form of blog posts, infographics, short videos, geo-specific news, etc.
  • Publishing content like FAQs, key terms to know, and simple guides on your website and social media pages would help first-time visitors learn more about your brand and help them make informed decisions.

Offline Real Estate Marketing Ideas For Realtors

Although, online marketing is the most effective and convenience marketing strategy, realtors still use traditional offline marketing strategy such as catalogs, brochure flyers, business cards as well.

Interactive Real Estate Brochures

real estate brochure

  • Do you have the contact details of the real estate agent on your printed brochure?
  • Ensure that your brochure is not packed with unnecessary information, so it is easy to read.
  • Highlight information of available properties on the brochure.
  • Ensure that the themes used for your brochure are eye-catching and have cool fonts.
  • Ensure that the contact details (name, phone number, email address, social media handles, website) are written boldly on the brochure and easy to spot.

Business Cards

Real estate business card

  • Do you carry your business cards everywhere–to meetings, appointments, and open houses? Your business card should have the name under which you are licensed.
  • Your business card should include the real estate broker or brokerage firm.
  • Your business card should have the business address.
  • Your license type and your license number should be on your card.
  • Your business card design should be simple, with just the basic information and a minimal design.
  • Your business logo should also be on the card.


corporate real-estate flyer

  • Besides including your contact details and logo, make flyers stating your most impressive accomplishments as a realtor. This will help local homeowners get acquainted with you.
  • Create seasonal and holiday flyers to help differentiate yourself. In addition, it shows you are in tune with the real estate climate and have expertise on the best times to buy or sell.
  • Create flyers for every new listing you have on the market.
  • Include a QR code on your flyers that can easily be scanned and directed to your landing page.
  • Create a “Just Sold” flyer for every property you have sold. It builds trust and demonstrates your commitment to getting properties sold.
  • Use flyers for marketing your real estate events, such as an open house. It could be distributed in the neighborhood.
  • Create a flyer with a compilation of testimonials from past clients. Highlight your best reviews and send the brochures to your prospects or pass them out at meetings.

Open Houses

  • Do you live stream or record your open houses for your website and social media pages?
  • Do you visit the surrounding properties before an open house to let them know there will be an open house in their neighborhood? This is called “courtesy marketing” and can increase your scheduled open house traffic.
  • Do you offer light refreshments like food and wine and invite the neighbors to your open house?
  • Do you have a contact list of all those who attended your open house for an easy follow-up?
  • Apart from viewing the listing, offer to show your visitors around the neighborhood. A little sightseeing might help sales.
  • Hire a photographer to take pictures during your open house—photos of people enjoying themselves during your open house work well for the media.
  • Partner with local businesses in the community to participate in your open house events. From home decor vendors to bakeries, an awareness of their businesses helps you.

Exceptional Delivery

  • Do you keep communication lines open with your clients and potential customers? Check in consistently, respond to messages quickly and be reachable always.
  • Do you leverage technology to serve your customers, making the process fun and seamless?
  • Do you treat all your leads with maximum respect regardless of where the leaders come from?
  • Be transparent with your clients. Share necessary and correct information at all times.
  • Set expectations early by letting your client understand your competencies and area of expertise. If you need to pass them to another team, your client would understand.
  • Do you make business easy for your customers? For example, online payments offer automatic reminders for their payments, making the whole buying and selling process stress-free and seamless.
  • Are you patient with your customers? Taking time to respond to their questions and addressing their concerns improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Taking Advantage Of The Right Marketing Tools

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Elite Realtor Tool Kit

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