8 Creative Ways to Bring More Prospects to Your Open House

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Have you ever passed by an open house event that looks so dry and empty? Balloons, beautiful lights, lovely songs, and even refreshments with absolutely nobody or just a couple of people in sight? This would have a terrible effect on the realtor, but we won’t let that be your case!

Do you want to host a successful open house event yourself that can attract many prospects? These are eight out-of-the-box ways to attract more prospects to your open house event!


1. Previewing Previous Video Montage 

It is critical to publish content on your real estate website on a regular basis. No, this does not mean you have to spend half your day staring at a computer screen.

It does, however, imply that you should spend your time intelligently developing material that will strike the perfect chord with the suitable demographic – something that is simple to achieve with effective real estate video marketing.

Put together all the materials you have for the open house and listing. Some of these materials should include video and audio recordings of you speaking with customers, snacks, drinks or refreshments you share, property tour film, pictures of the exterior of listings, and much more.

Create a more extended version of this to use as one of your critical branding assets to promote on your homepage and elsewhere on your website. Promote all of your open houses and show what it’s like to visit your listings as a salesman.

Share these videos on your social media platforms! It could be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; just ensure you use the internet to spread the word.

Instagram geo-tagging

2. Instagram Geo-tagging

This is a no-brainer for realtors as your companies are location-based. Simply tagging a specific geographic area in your Instagram post or story is an Instagram geotag. On Instagram when looking for a geotag, we can see the posts that other users have made with that particular tag.

Your post can live in the geotagged place if you add a geotag to it. Your post can turn up when other Instagram users look for the same geotag or click on it in another image. For this reason, Instagram posts with a geotag get 79% higher engagement than those without one.

Simply geotag your posts to draw in users looking for homes nearby and increase the number of people who will see your listings. Use your city and any noteworthy neighborhoods or districts as tags.

Active searchers are more likely to be further along in the purchasing process, making it simpler to turn them into leads.

MLS Service

3. Multiple listing services (MLS)

As a realtor, you benefit significantly from gaining access to the MLS site. In addition to enhancing the public visibility of your property, the platform is exclusively limited to licensed agents, so the inquiries and offers you get will be from more highly qualified clients.

That saves you a ton of time and energy when it comes to showings and open house events.

Every time you have an open house, you have to hurry to have everything arranged and gleaming clean, then you have to flee until the prospective buyers have spent as much time as they need to check every element of your property with a fine-toothed comb.

When your first pool of prospects is screened by the MLS, you will likely perform fewer showings before receiving a good offer.  

Real Estate Ads

4. Social media ADs

This is yet another crucial marketing strategy that will increase your visibility. There are currently 4.5 billion social media users around the world. This means that posting your event on social media has the potential to reach millions of people.

You can publicize your event by publishing your event flier or preferred videos on your own Facebook account, your business page if you have one, real estate groups, and your narrative. Consider running a paid advertisement to reach a larger audience. This one allows you to send your material to the people who suit your chosen demographic.

You can utilize these platforms to reach your target audience.

You should also explore other options like posting on your social media platform i.e. Instagram handles and stories, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


5. Influencer Marketing

In the real estate industry, a lot is changing. According to one study, approximately 90% of business owners believe that influencer marketing tactics are effective.

You can pay an influencer to promote your product or service. The influencer would promote you and encourage their followers to follow your pages using this strategy. On their page, the influencer would also regularly repost your fliers, images of your property, and videos. They could also organize giveaway sections to their enormous following to entice more people to pay attention to you, and most importantly, they could claim they’ll be there at the event, and bam, all their favorite admirers would want to come.

You simply need to find the right influencer whose active followers correspond to your target market, and you’re good to go. You’d be surprised how quickly your event will become a social media trend, how your brand as a whole will gain visibility even for future events, and how it will translate to a massive turnout at your open house.

real estate mailing

6. Email Advertising

Given that, 91% of customers check their email on a regular basis and 77% prefer permission-based marketing via email, emailing listings and open houses to leads will deliver a higher return on investment than other marketing channels.

You should email folks on your database at least one week before the event with the videos you’ve already created, plus another short reminder message two days before the event. We believe you should have an email list if you haven’t already.

Include inviting presentations in your emails, spice it up with some storytelling, and be selective about when you send them.

After working hours, when people can go through their less official emails is a good time.

Real estate agent hand-shaking

7. Door-to-door invitation

We understand that knocking on the door of someone you’ve never met can be awkward, but there is no better way to get known in your community than to get out there and meet people face to face.

We suggest you visit dozens of homes in the neighborhood and distribute information about your upcoming event. Many of them would be uncomfortable with it, but that’s fine; what matters is the brand awareness you’re creating.

There’s no need to rush; instead, be subtle and persuasive. Make sure to leave a flier advertising your open house and contact information.

If you have neighbors with whom you are already acquainted, you can invite them over for tea or a drink before the main event and give them tiny teasers to make them interested and invite their friends.

It is not a high-pressure sales pitch; please keep this in mind. Ultimately, leave the decision in your neighbor’s hands, but show enthusiasm and willingness.

open house

8. Create Signage

Open house signs signify that a house or property is available for public viewing.

When a realtor sells a home, he or she may put up many open house signs. Sometimes people put up signs away from the house, perhaps a block or two away or on the main cross street, with big letters announcing an open house and an arrow pointing in the right direction. Arrows should point in the appropriate direction to avoid confusing potential purchasers. Depending on where you are, the method for attaching each sign may differ.

Another type of open house sign is typically put immediately in front of the house. It should be large enough so that passers-by can read it.

People should consider their intentions when choosing an open house sign or a set of them. They are attempting to sell a house or other property. In this regard, foot traffic is beneficial because more visitors may indicate more possible purchasers, yet the signage may occasionally draw someone who is only interested in observing and not bidding. It is, therefore, critical to make the sign visible and easy to read because signs that are ignored will not sell a home.

Congratulations on your next open house event. With these tips, it can never go wrong!

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