14 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools and Apps For Realtors

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Would you like to promote your listings, improve the content you create, get more leads, and make more sales while investing very little time and money?

Traditional marketing methods are expensive, time-consuming, and have a small return on investment. It has a slow conversion rate and is less efficient as well. This makes it difficult for many realtors to succeed.

You can save more money and time by utilizing digital real estate marketing tools and apps and generate a substantial profit for a relatively small investment. 

In this article, We’ll be sharing the 14 best real estate marketing tools and apps for realtors. These marketing tools might just be what you need to save a ton of money.

1. Real Estate Marketing Templates Libary 

In the competitive world of real estate, having access to high-quality marketing materials can be the difference between a listing that lingers and one that sells quickly. That’s where Sold Out Houses Pro Membership shines, offering the ultimate Real Estate Marketing Templates Library designed specifically for real estate professionals seeking to elevate their marketing game.

A Treasure Trove of Marketing Materials

Sold Out Houses Pro Membership provides an expansive collection of meticulously designed marketing templates that cater to every aspect of real estate marketing. From eye-catching property flyers to compelling social media posts, email marketing templates, and engaging open house invitations, each template is crafted to capture attention and showcase properties in the best light possible.

Tailored for Real Estate Success

Understanding the unique demands of the real estate market, Sold Out Houses Pro Membership ensures that every template not only looks professional but is also customizable to fit individual listings and branding requirements. This means you can easily adapt each template to highlight the unique features of each property, your brand’s aesthetic, and the specific needs of your target audience, ensuring your marketing materials stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Efficiency Meets Elegance

With Sold Out Houses Pro Membership, you’re not just getting access to a library of templates; you’re unlocking a streamlined workflow that allows you to create stunning marketing materials efficiently and easily. Whether you’re looking to quickly put together a brochure for a new listing or craft a comprehensive marketing campaign for a luxury property, the Pro Membership has you covered. This efficiency means you can spend less time on design and more time engaging with clients and closing deals.

2. Social media marketing tools


Effective social media marketing has the potential to impact the success of your brand significantly. Social media platforms are great for sharing business testimonial stories, a brand’s goals and values, interacting emotionally with customers, and enhancing sales.

Social media is extremely significant to 89% of marketers and vital to 30% in terms of their overall marketing strategy.

Using social media tools makes it simple to share the same information to numerous profiles and networks with a single click, scheduling and tracking each social message you’ve made across all of your individual social media profiles and networks.

One of the first and best-known social marketing tools on the market is Hootsuite. It gives you the option to bulk upload up to 350 posts, target posts, add a location, manage privacy, and customize each social network profile.

Thanks to the numerous social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and others that are linked to Hootsuite, you can pin your favorite accounts for targeted monitoring. With this feature, you can also review draft posts and schedule posts for the future.

What distinguishes Hootsuite is that it communicates directly with your audience across a variety of channels using a feature-rich dashboard.

Nuelink stands out as an innovative social media marketing tool designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to manage their online presence effortlessly. With its ability to schedule months of content in minutes, automate post sharing from various sources, and offer detailed analytics, Nuelink saves valuable time and enhances social media engagement. Catering to over 9000+ users, its versatile features support multiple platforms and provide tailored solutions for any business size. Praised for its intuitive design and comprehensive capabilities, Nuelink is the go-to tool for maximizing your social media strategy, allowing you to focus on your business growth. At the same time, it takes care of your digital footprint.

Hootsuite is difficult to operate and has a clumsy UI. It could be difficult for new users to understand all the features and categories because there are so many, and the high price is another significant drawback.

Buffer, another social marketing tool, is a social media scheduling tool that enables users to schedule and share posts on social network profiles conveniently. Its advantages over Hootsuite include an easy-to-use layout and user experience, scheduling options, and posting tools.

Users of Buffer can schedule posts to be shared at a later time. It assigns pre-scheduled intervals throughout the day where your material will automatically be posted once you specify how many times per day you want the article to be shared by a social media platform. 

Social Champ is a social media scheduling and management tool that simultaneously spreads your content on all social media platforms. Social Champ is the best option to market your content if you are a novice because of its easy-to-use user interface. Social Champ has excellent customer service which is one of its strongest features.

With its distinctive, data-driven features, Social Champ surpasses Hootsuite and Buffer. The platform also gives users the ability to develop a more appealing and targeted social media presence.

3. Email marketing tools

email marketing automation tools

Email marketing is an essential element of any marketing strategy. With a return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent, email marketing continues to be a great tool for business owners.

If you want to realize the potential of email marketing fully, you must select the ideal tool for advancing your business. Email marketing tools enable you to send and track emails, increase your list, and segment it, making them an effective tool for growing your business and generating revenue.

ActiveCampaign is one of the greatest email marketing tool solutions, and has hundreds of pre-built automation that personalizes campaigns for each subscriber. By concentrating on creating a top-notch product that offers several solutions for enterprises from all over the world, ActiveCampaign has established itself as a market leader in marketing automation software.

With machine learning and predictive features, it is the most sophisticated email marketing platform, allowing marketers to operate more effectively and provide a higher return of investment. It contains an integrated CRM system to manage your sales, provides live chat, and email campaigns and is far more user-friendly and easier to use than some other systems.

4. Video marketing tools


Videos are crucial in real estate. With the use of real estate video marketing, you may introduce potential customers to your homes for sale. This is a breakthrough, especially for brokers and clients who can afford to view virtual tours of homes even when they don’t live nearby.

Making real estate videos is easy with Animoto video creator. It offers an extensive selection of Animoto video templates from which to create stunning real estate videos. Animoto is a wise choice if you want to create a top-notch real estate video.

InVideo is an inexpensive, user-friendly solution that enables you to expedite your video production without spending a lot of money or time. It has numerous options to modify typefaces, add music, and brand your videos. It also provides sophisticated editing tools, pre-designed layouts, and a useful content repository of images and videos.

5. Graphic design Marketing tools

Graphic design Marketing tools

While intriguing language, blogs, and social media material can aid in differentiating your business from the competition, visitors are more likely to stay engaged if your site or content has a visually appealing design. Therefore, making graphic designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and contextually relevant is essential.

With Adobe Illustrator, you can make anything from online and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, billboards, and so much more. Adobe Illustrator makes use of AI to automatically apply colors from photos to your design and auto-trace hand-drawn sketches to create vector graphics.

Another tool for graphic design is Canva. It is used to generate social media graphics, documents, posters, and other visual content. Using Canva, you can select from a wide range of ready-made templates and pick graphic design assets like images, illustrations & icons to best match your brand. It is relatively easy to use and works on all devices, unlike Adobe Photoshop, which works on computers only.

A major shortfall in Canva is that it lacks templates specifically designed for realtors. However, we provide over 1700+ real estate templates at our pro membership that’ll solve your every design need. You can check them out at https://soldouthouses.com/pro/

6. Website builder tools

WordPress Click funnels Website builder tools

Digitizing your business is a need rather than an option. One cannot undervalue the importance of having an excellent online presence. 

In the early days of the Internet, learning to code was a requirement if you wanted to create a website. Thankfully, website builders are now available tools for users to construct stunning websites without having any programming experience.

One of the most widely used website builders for real estate agents to display their listings is WordPress. You can create a website, edit pages, and manage your blog using a single platform. WordPress can, however, be extremely vulnerable and expensive to maintain.

If you want to personalize your WordPress website uniquely or enhance its appearance, you may need to write a lot of complex code lines. You also need to be knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, and PHP to make certain modifications to your WordPress website.

Clickfunnels, another efficient app, is a website and a sales funnel builder tool for realtorsThis makes it a better option for realtors and goes a step further to help you build your brand, make sales, and generate more leads for your business. 

7. Analytic marketing tools

Google Analytics SEMRush Analytic marketing tools

Software programs known as marketing analytics tools are used by firms to monitor their marketing initiatives, better understand their target market, and evaluate the outcomes of their marketing campaigns.

By using the right marketing analytics software, advertisers can use their time and resources more wisely, achieve better outcomes, and have a clearer understanding of the effects of each marketing campaign.

One of the strongest SEO tools available is, without a doubt, SEMrush. It provides your keyword research, keeps tabs on your rivals’ tactics, performs an SEO audit of your blog, and much more. Semrush has earned the trust of online marketers, which is why corporations like Apple, Amazon, and Samsung use this tool. SEMrush’s enormous database boasts over 20 billion keywords and 808 million domains. From strategy to research to optimization and beyond, using SEMrush can significantly impact your content marketing.

Another popular marketing analytics tool is Google Analytics. It’s a free online analytics service that provides detailed information about visitors to your website or social media pages, such as their hobbies, age, gender, and even location. It helps you understand which social platforms to target, what kind of content you should write, why visitors are leaving your site, and much more. Google Analytics provides valuable insights that can help you to shape your business and spend money only on profitable ventures.


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