Real Estate Cold Calling Techniques That Really Work (With Script)

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Do you want to Cold Call like a Pro realtor and land reliable clients with just a call?

As in any other sector, cold calling is one of the most recommended and established methods of lead generation in real estate. Unfortunately, this is also one of the worst nightmares that realtors have. The most difficult thing for most realtors is to convince someone to choose you when they know nothing about you.

However, preparing and executing proven real estate cold-calling scripts will help you close more sales than you ever imagined. You don’t need supernatural abilities to make cold calls that convert. Your preparation and mode of delivery will determine your success.

So, to help you prepare like a Pro, we have compiled 5 Real Estate Cold Calling Techniques that really work with Scripts. If you are fed up with not knowing what to say on the call with a potential client, go through this article and become a Pro at cold calling.

1. Cold calling Script for For Sale by Owner (FSBO) leads

FSBO Leads

Many times, homeowners overprice their homes. They believe they could have gotten more. However, most of them do not know that you as a realtor can assist them and save them the stress of unyielding results.

You will demonstrate to homeowners that they can get more from the sale of their homes if they list with you.  You’re not just tossing out statistics but also backing up your claim with verifiable market research.

So initiate the dialogue and ensure that you establish, build, and solidify trust with them as soon as possible. Here’s how you start the dialogue: 

Hello, this is Mr. George from Soldouthouses real estate agency phoning to inquire about your property. Are you the legal owner of the property?

Great! Is this a good time to go through everything in detail?

I noticed your listing and found your house at so and so location is for sale. I want to clarify your precise asking price for the property.

Wait for your potential client to respond and give you further details about the house. Then continue with this:

I see. How long have you had the house on the market?

Alright. Before making this contact, I’d like to point out that I performed some market research on the properties in your neighborhood, and my homework revealed some fascinating facts.

In the last five years, residences in your neighborhood have sold for an average of so and so amount. Furthermore, they sold in so and so days.

This information will let your client know how informed you are about the house and the neighborhood. This will make him or her rely on you.

A well-structured marketing plan will help you speed up the process and sell your home for the price it deserves. I want to assist you in doing the same.

Are you interested in seeing a marketing strategy that I created just for your home?

You can now continue the conversation from here.

2. Cold calling script for heavy sales leads in the neighborhood

Cold calling

This sort of cold-calling script works incredibly well if the client does not currently live in the house. This is because they have lost touch with the current local trends by not living in that particular neighborhood, so they have information about how the real estate market has been in that region for the previous few years or months. This is where you will come in as a realtor, and let them know that information.

However, while using this cold-calling real estate script, you may encounter a lot of “no’s.”

People may be wary of the high costs you offer, but if you are genuine and your quotation is supported by thorough market research, there is nothing that can prevent you from convincing your prospect to accept you. 

So how do you do that? This script makes it easier:

Hello, this is Mr. George from soldouthouses real estate agency phoning to inquire about your property on so and so street. Are you the legal owner of the property?

Two beautiful residences like yours have sold in your area in the last two months.

Mention the sale prices.

I see that the property has been vacant for quite some time. Given the recent increase in the prices of this area, whether you rent or sell it, you may make a terrific secondary income stream from it.

Are you willing to perform either of these?

This cold call script will assist you in gauging their reaction as to what they want to accomplish. Even if they decide not to sell, you might assist them in finding someone to lease their home. In any case, you may earn a lot of money.

3. Cold calling Script for Online Buyer Lead

cold calling for online buyer leads

When leads visit your real estate company’s website and fill out their wants and criteria online, they are often waiting for you and your organization to contact them.

In such circumstances, your organization usually sends them an email containing the lead’s requested information, but the lead rarely checks their email and even when they do, they do not always send back their feedback…

Now you see why doing a follow-up cold call is very important! If you don’t follow up, you lose a key customer as a result.

So in such cases, it’s a good idea to phone them a few days after you send them the email with the information they wanted. This script will be perfect for that purpose:

Hello, this is Mr. George from soldouthouses real estate agency calling to inquire about the online form you completed on our website regarding your interest in purchasing a home. Do you recall completing the form?

Great! This is a good time to discuss it in depth.

Awesome! I am ensuring that you received the information you asked for because we did not receive a response to the email we sent.

I’ve been in this industry for so and so years. I see you want property in so and so area. This is an excellent neighborhood option. I sold a property in this neighborhood two months ago at ____ price.

Mention all the great things that have happened in that neighborhood and the quality of the neighborhood. Then finalize things with this question:

Can we meet tomorrow and talk about this in person?

You will be able to create trust with the consumer by demonstrating that you have expertise in selling properties in the area they are interested in using this cold call script. This way, your prospect knows they’re in good hands.

Reaching out to them proactively demonstrates that you care about them and want to help them get the most out of their home.

4. Cold calling Script for Expired Listing


It is complex to sell a property. And it is extremely common for prospects to offer their homes for sale on their own, but even after a significant period has passed, it is very possible that they were unable to sell them.

This depresses and frustrates the homeowner. They know they need to learn how to go about selling it.

The script for cold calling on an expired listing can help a real estate agent to convince a homeowner to relist their property and give it another chance.

If you use the correct phrases, you can get the homeowner enthused about attempting to sell the house again. This is what to say:

Hello, this is Mr. George from soldouthouses real estate agency. I’m calling about the property at so and so location. Are you the lawful owner of this property?

I see you put your house up for sale around a year ago; however, the listing has now expired. Is now a suitable time to have a discussion?

Awesome! Are you planning to relist the property for sale?

I appreciate your concern. But let me assure you that your house is a fantastic property in a fantastic location, which is why I am interested in assisting you in selling it. What was the highest offer you ever received?

I see. Did the purchasers identify any major difficulties that prevented them from purchasing the property?

Alright. I see a lot of room for development here and based on the current market analysis I conducted in your neighborhood, I can obtain a higher price for your house.

I sold a home on your street two months ago. You will likely know the place. I negotiated a fantastic bargain for the vendor. 

Mention the property’s selling price. 

Would you want to meet with me to explore how we might change our sales approach to assist you in getting the most out of your property?

5. Carrot Dangle Cold Calling Script

Carrot Dangle Cold Calling

Carrot Dangling is when you have buyers but no properties to show them in the location they want, and having a cold-calling script is the best approach to making those buyers your clients…

Many times, homeowners are just seeking for the appropriate agent to come along and assist them in selling their homes. You can contact these homeowners in the neighborhood to see if they want to sell their homes. 

You can inform the owners that buyers are willing to pay a fair price for their homes. In this manner, you may get homeowners enthused about selling their property, which they first felt would not fetch a high price, Doing this you will serve as the link between the homeowners and buyers who are willing to buy the houses. 

This is how you can make that cold call:

Hello, this is Mr. George from soldouthouses real estate agency phoning to inquire about your property at so and so location. Are you the legal owner of the property?

Great! I have numerous purchasers that are keen on your house. Do you want to sell your property right now?

I have several purchasers, the most important of which is at so and so price.

Mention the highest-paying buyer you have for the property.

That’s 36% higher than the current market value of your home.

You may be wondering why they’re prepared to pay more than the market price.

Here you mention the reasons and detail the advantages of their property.

I appreciate your concern. It is complex to sell your home. But could we meet and talk about it further, and I could answer all of your concerns?

So that is it, now you can rest assured that you will ace every cold call you are making from now on.


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